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If and when a woman wants to be in your life, mother, decides, in most cases, each for itself. There are a lot of contraceptives, with the aid of an unwanted pregnancy is usually avoided. Nevertheless, a residual risk remains. Much safer, but also finally, is the use of contraception by sterilization. Mostly women, mid-30s, the decide to the fulfilled desire to have children to this intervention, to avoid a further unwanted pregnancy. In theory, however, is not every woman from the age of 18 years, sterilize.

Though legally allowed, is the desire for a sterilization in women under 35 is not quite as self-determined and just as I thought. Because in reality, the decision for a sterilization, it is not only women, but also for the Doctors. Only a few agree to the intervention in the case of childless women under 35 carry out. Although the law declares 18 to be adult and us so that appropriate rights gives, it seems that the female self-determination, here, an age limit be in the public eye. A woman is mid 20’s too young to be able to about your body and your future, decide and sterilization in this age is to be regarded as a global early?

The 28-year-old Caro has a vasectomy. In conversation with NEON tells you about your way up to the OP and the reasons for their decision.

NEON: when did you realize that you reacted to the alleged desire for children that is provided in the case of women, sooner or later, in a different way?
Caro: I’ve never had a good rapport with children. When I was 13 years old my parents get a child. I have perceived the education of my sister at the time, as is very exhausting for my parents. I have seen how much the waiver it means for a child to be there and believe that me has shaped this experience. In the role of a mother, I can’t see me, and I would also not particularly good.

Family planning

Young women and desire to have children – between the desire for freedom and unfulfilled hopes

When did you played the first Time with the idea that you sterilize?
I think that was the beginning of 20. For me, it was clear even then, that I can’t imagine a life with a child. However, I was neither in a relationship and still sexually very active, and therefore no direct action was needed. It was only when I met three and half years ago my current boyfriend and I had to make me again thinking of a long-term and, above all, absolutely safe for the prevention of, I have informed myself in depth about this.

Why were regular methods of contraception such as the contraceptive pill for you not to question?
I have of course tried other contraceptives. When I was fifteen, I took a long time on the pill. But as I had dropped her off, rebelled, my body. No one says you as a young girl, what exactly are you guiding with the pill on your body and what changes need to master your body, if you settle again. In addition, the pill is only safe if you take them regularly. For me, as a rather forgetful Person, this is much too uncertain. In the past three years, I have tried also the Nova-Ring and up to the time of sterilization, the spiral used. Here, too, I had pain with side effects such as abdomen and to fight irregular bleeding, which is why both were not long-term solutions for me. Although regular contraceptives are considered to be relatively safe, was my fear of an unwanted pregnancy is always very large. Who for himself knows that he don’t want kids, but are constantly in danger, but to be pregnant, is under a permanent psychological tension. A sterilization offered me the security that I’ve always wanted to, and was the only right decision for me.

Childless happy

"I just gefühlt&#034 relieved; – Anna* has 24-sterilize

How were the reactions of your friends and environment have on your decision? To justify you in the run-up to often?
Who am I, to decide, as already in my mid-20 for sterilization, must be expected under the circumstances with societal misunderstanding and against the wind. For this reason, I have only spoken with a few people about this very personal topic. My mother I was involved relatively early on in my decision. She knows me very well and knew that children are not an issue for me, and a sterilization would be a relief to me. Also to the few friends to whom I told it, I had to justify myself. It’s all people who are close to me and know me. That you do not meet so a decision lightly, it was clear to all.

My friend, I have already said at the beginning of our relationship very clear that I don’t want kids. Because he feels no desire to have children, it was never a Problem between us, on the contrary. He quickly realised how much I suffer from the constant insecurity and has supported me in my projects from the very beginning.

What Form of sterilization did you have performed? You had difficulties to find a doctor who was willing to, sterilization when you perform?
I must say that I was very lucky to be in search of a doctor. No Matter Of Course! Many reject the engagement, as soon as you are indicating that you have no children and are under 35 years old. From other women I know, that you often had to search for up to one year after a doctor for the surgery. I already had the second doctor’s success.

Among the methods of female sterilization, the fallopian tube removal, the Salpingectomy, the first one is. For this reason, I opted for this method. I think, if you want to keep from the outset the possibility that the intervention may later undo, you should reconsider the desire to have a sterilization again.

Was it hard for you to get in advance useful information about the sterilization?
In contrast to information about the vasectomy, the male sterilization, it was really hard to get useful Details. A great pity, I think. Especially about the procedure you will find incredibly little on the net. A survey of Physicians who perform sterilizations, looking in vain. This makes it very cumbersome. I can recommend the Sterile side of ProFamilia as well as the Association Itself. e. V.

Odyssey in the Indian ocean

Only Corona distress, then, why a German student sitting on a Yacht in Sri Lanka, where it

Do you think it’s justified that many Doctors refuse sterilization in women under the age of 35?
I’m of two minds. For one, Doctors have a certain responsibility towards their patients, which is why I think it is right for Doctors to pursue the motivations of a sterilization desire and their duty to advise. On the other hand I think it is the wrong approach in such a personal matter generally valid rules and age restrictions set up. The decision of the doctor, whether he is an intervention before the age of 35. The age of consent or not, should be taken instead, for each patient individually. I think every woman deserves to be in your desire to be taken seriously. An open and informative conversation should be in every doctor inside.

What makes you so sure that you’re not going to change your mind on the subject of children in the course of your life yet?
As already mentioned, I never had a desire to have children and I have always considered myself unsuitable for the role of mother. To exclude 100 percent I can’t do it yet, that could eventually change. But if you’re 25 and you decide to do, ignorant of what it means to be a mother for a child, is not less significant, irrevocable decision. Only then are you may not only suffer, but also the child, that with a poor mother needs to grow up.

I therefore find it legitimate and reasonable to the possibility of a sterilization under 35, as long as it is as a woman, sure enough, and the topic dealt with intensively. In the unlikely event that I don’t regret the surgery at some point, I need to live with it, but at least it concerns only myself, and no innocent child.

What advice can you give young women who want to be sterilized?
Who wants to be sterilized, you should take your own decision in any case plenty of time, and the Pros and cons must be well balanced. I think it is important to study in depth the thoughts or desire to deal before being really active.

For detailed information I recommend the exchange with women who have the surgery is already behind. In addition, you should go as realistic as possible approach, and a slightly longer search for a suitable doctor set.

How do you feel now, so soon after your sterilization?
I am very relieved to have the step is finally made. So far I have not regretted the surgery for a Minute. For me it was personally the right decision, I’m sure of it. It is a liberating feeling, to have no more fear of unwanted pregnancy and the Chapter on children now finally complete. I’m glad to have a doctor that has enabled me to sterilization with 28. Basically, I want our society for greater openness and understanding of personal decisions of this kind, and I hope that women will have in the future, generally easier to go their own way.

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