Side effects of topamax

Side effects of topamax


If a child is feverish, restless, and no appetite, constantly to the ear attacks and because of the pain in the ears at night can’t sleep, the often very disturbing. Usually cures acute inflammation of the middle ear, but after a few days without consequences as of. Serious complications are very rare.

Nevertheless, it is important that you are in strong pain in the ear with your child to go to the doctor and the progression of the disease, a good watch. Sometimes it may be for the treatment more necessary than what you can do for yourself.

At a glance:

What helps with the ear pain?

  • Painkillers (such as Paracetamol or Ibuprofen)

What else can you do?

  • the child needs lots of loving care to give
  • for bed rest
  • make sure that the child drinks enough
  • Heat
  • Nasal drops or spray apply

The ear pain can be an acute inflammation of the middle ear is very strong, from the sound, but often after a day. The pain quickly to relieve are pain-relieving medications such as Paracetamol or Ibuprofen in the Form of suppositories or juice. They act at the same time antipyretic.

Enter your child in any case, acetylsalicylic acid (ASS)! In the case of children and young people may ACE only on the order of a physician to use, because it is in the case of feverish virus infection, a rare, but serious, complication can cause the Reye’s syndrome, it to liver and brain damage can occur.

Ear drops (e.g. with the active ingredients Phenazone and procaine) may possibly the ears to relieve pain you are pain and anti-inflammatory, and also have a local anaesthetic. However, it is through the application of ear drops for Doctors more difficult to assess the condition of the tympanic membrane. That is why it is better, before a doctor to ask.

Heat is not analgesic, can a ear infection but beneficial be. A common home remedy for ear pain is the onion bag: an onion, heat up, cut it into small pieces, in a cloth wrap, and the pain at the end of the ear set. Red light or a warm grape seed cushions fulfil the same purpose (and stink not).

Nose drops or nose sprays can make the mucous membranes can reduce swelling and so the ventilation of the middle ear improve. If that helps the pain against the ears, or whether the inflammation of the middle ear heal better, however, is not clear. If the child has a stuffy nose, the nose drops, however, that there are some hours better breathe can.

But beware: nose drops and sprays only for few days and only in the recommended dose, apply! Otherwise, the agents may cause damage to the nasal mucosa permanently.

It is important in the case of ear pain, that there is no water in the ears gets. You renounce therefore, in the first days is best to bathe your child, or to take a shower. Visits to the swimming pool are in acute otitis media, in principle, taboo.

If the ear pain is not better: What can the doctor do?

Is a bacterial inflammation of the middle ear, behind the ear pain, will prescribe the doctor may order antibioticsto kill the bacteria. For a bacterial infection says:

  • a two-sided inflammation (in the case of children under two years of age) or
  • a purulent discharge from the ear (regardless of age).

Has as a result of the otitis media pus in the ear formed, the doctor may also the eardrum open, allow the pus drain out.


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