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Priligy available in usa


The Wearing of masks to protect against a rapid increase in the Corona-infections must, in the opinion of experts with a range of other measures.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) does not exclude that in the fight against the Coronavirus in the future, on certain occasions, a so-called everyday mask of duty can be.

The recommendation of the Federation and the länder to carry in Bus and train and shopping with a mask, called Bernd Salzberger, infectious disease Loge at the University hospital of Regensburg, “a good measure”.

For a duty, conventional masks are currently simply too scarce. Wearing self-made masks could also ensure that people felt due to the signal effect of more distance to each other.

Respiratory masks protect others against the Coronavirus

A mouth-nose protection is primarily for the protection of other people, because the Material collects in front of the mouth and nose droplets when Speaking, Sneezing or coughing. In front of a contagion of the carrier with the Virus do not protect but rather.

It is also on the way how the mask will be worn, said Salzberger. The fabric should cover both the mouth and nose. When dressing and Undressing be taken to ensure that the Secretions will not be distributed over the hands.

A homemade mask could easily be more frequently worn. To clean them, there to wash the mask at 60 degrees in the washing machine or iron, said the infection Lodge.

According to the recommendations of the Federal Institute for drugs and medical products, the fabric should be woven as closely as possible. To Comply with Hygiene Standards or spacing rules, replacing a mask according to the experts, however, do not.

The Robert Koch Institute also points out that medical, breathing protection masks have to be left to the staff in medical and nursing facilities staff to change.

No Mask Duty

Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Wednesday after a switching of a conference with the heads of government of the countries on the question of why there is a recommendation to such a simple facial mask and not a duty: “We have to be able to what we ask of the citizens, to implement really.”

That’s why you went step by step with the everyday masks continue to, Merkel said.

“The more presence, the more you will be talking perhaps about whether or not there are then further steps urgency. But for now we say: Who has such a mask, and who can receive, and which are every day to be better available to use.”

At the same time, Merkel pointed out the importance of a proper treatment of the masks was.

“You need to be regularly washed or ironed, put in the oven or in the microwave. Also, if this sounds like some sort of housewife to use. But are the recipes,” said the Chancellor.

“Otherwise, you are not productive in the sense of protection for others.” The masks would also need to be changed more frequently.

Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa)

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