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In the case of menopausal women with sleep disturbances, the cause could lie in the environment: A new study suggests that plasticizers, called phthalates, associated with sleep disturbance in middle-aged women together. The results of the study were in the journal "Menopause" published.

Quite some time it was known that phthalates are contained in many everyday products, alter the effect of hormones. Researchers have now found at 760 women in the menopause for the first time, that the frequency of sleep disorders with the phthalate concentrations in the urine depends on. The relationship seems to be complex and is also influenced by other factors, such as Smoking. Therefore, further research is required to understand this connection, as well as the underlying mechanisms.

Already earlier it was observed in studies that phthalates from personal care products can increase the risk for hot flashes. Other studies have shown links between phthalates and the probability of night-time Wake up as well as the risk of Depression.

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Up to 60 percent of women in menopause have sleep problems. They are also at risk to develop a persistent Depression increases. Previous studies have shown that these sleep slopes interference with the decrease of the hormone levels together. The effect of chemicals that disturb the hormonal balance – so-called endocrine disruptors – it is, however, a largely unexplored area. Phthalates, used as plasticizers and stabilizers, are such chemicals. They are contained in food, packaging, clothing, children’s toys and especially in body care products.


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