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Aqua Jogging was long frowned upon. Among swimmers as well as runners. As a sense-free jumping around in hip-deep and tepid pool. Nothing Half and nothing Whole. Treading water for the elderly with to a lot of time. These and other clichés floating everywhere over the at first glance somewhat strange-looking fitness method. Admittedly, The Lifestyle factor while Aqua Jogging is manageable. Nevertheless, it has not established water aerobics is now in the Rehabilitation, it is not as a whole body workout recognized, the only joint is extremely gentle but also very efficient – for both Amateur, and professional athletes alike.

Learn why Aqua Jogging is more than hopping Around in the shallow children’s pool, and why top athletes and many of the team’s athletes to increase it.

Water beats dumbbells, and running shoes

Swimming is one of the most demanding endurance sports, there is. Who has not mastered the technique, whatever your style – will be with the Element of water never really happy. The Problem (or the advantage): the water has 800 Times higher density than air. The body must have in the pool so much more energy to move forward than when Jogging in the Park. Who ever tried running in the water and it was only noticed in the knee – deep water is that the forces are dwindling fast. Aqua fitness in General, and Aqua Jogging, Aqua Zumba, Aqua Boxing and much more stamped as a pastime for seniors, is complete nonsense. Quite the contrary: to grind, Instead of the tired and stressed-out bones on the Asphalt or in the gym, dumbbells of A uncontrolled maneuver to B, the water is as a fitness device is perfectly positioned for Young and old, thick and thin, sports and top athletes.

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Aqua Jogging – Who invented it?

A certain John Glenn McWaters – no, that is not an artist name – developed in the 1970s, the now globally recognised method of training and called it “Deep Water Running”. More precisely, experimented the resourceful officer in the U.S. Navy with training AIDS that make the Run in the deep water. Out of this came the so-called “Wet Vest” a vest made of neoprene. Athletics coach McWaters realized early on the benefits of Aqua Jogging and tried to bring his soldiers into a solid state of fitness. The Tools have been further developed. Nowadays, you strap the Aqua Jogging a so-called buoyancy belt of foam around the torso or strips of a foam vest. Both Tools are easy and convenient and support in addition to the buoyancy Balance in the water.

In Germany, the movement therapist Margot Zeitvogel-beautiful animal as the pioneer of the Aqua training. She oversees and consults for many years, especially the winter athletes, among others athletes of the German, Swedish and Canadian ski Federation. Also in Tennis, volleyball, football, and the sport of climbing, the author of numerous books and has established various methods of water exercise, including Aqua Jogging.

Why Aqua Jogging instead of a Run in the Park?

First of all, water has a several hundred-fold greater resistance than air. This makes the Training on the duration, although a bit more strenuous, for that is the training effect much larger. Due to the increased hydrostatic pressure is more blood in the heart pumped, the stroke volume is increased by up to 20 percent. Conversely, the heart rate decreases. It is assumed that the Maximum heart rate approx. eight to ten beats lower than when Running on Land. Aqua Jogging can be achieved, therefore, is significantly less stress the same training effect when you Run in the Park.

In addition, they are trained because of the buoyancy effect with only a fraction of your own body weight (in chest-deep water from 70 kg of body weight on Land, seven kilograms). What – and this is one of the great advantages of the Aqua – Jogging- especially a positive effect on the joints, muscles and Tendons of the impact. In the conventional Run – no matter whether on the Park trails, paved roads or elsewhere due to the permanent stretching of a significant burden. “The risk of injury is virtually Zero,” says Ingo Froböse, Professor at the German sport University in Cologne.

Time bird-beautiful thier vows in addition to the massage effect of the water. “It caresses and kneads the skin like a thousand gentle hands”. Ensure the already mentioned hydrostatic pressure and the natural frictional resistance of the water. The more intense the movements are performed, the stronger the effect is. And this is reflected in the body weight. Froböse: “Due to the slower movements in the water, the muscles rely primarily on fat reserves instead of sugar depots.” Due to the improved blood flow will be streamlined in addition, the connective tissue. Also, the cellulite’s when Aqua-Jogging to the collar.

What kinds of Aqua Jogging it?

There are two different forms of Aqua Jogging. In the case of variant 1, in particular for the elderly, it is recommended to have the legs in contact with the ground (Water Running). The Training takes place in a basin with a water depth of less than 1.50 meters. The advantage: no tools are necessary. Important: You pull the trigger every step with the ball of the foot from the bottom of the pool. In the case of variant 2 is trained in deep water. (Suspended Deep Water Running), a foam belt provides buoyancy. Important: The torso is slightly bent forward, and slightly bent arms swing in the movement loose. As a basic rule for both forms of Aqua Jogging applies: the higher the frequency, the more strenuous, but also is more effective the Training.

How many calories you burn while Aqua Jogging?

An average of 450 pounds of calories you’ll burn during a one-hour Aqua Jogging training session. According to Froböse, about 150 fewer than during Cycling or Running. The water pressure of the circulation of the Aqua runner’s attacks literally under the arms. The effect is that The heart can pump with each beat, more oxygen-rich blood in the arteries. The pulse remains in the fashion area rates.

Aqua Jogging: How often and for how long?

Are recommended two to three units per week, each lasting 45 minutes. In the ideal case, under the guidance and supervision of a Trainer. Many public baths and gyms with a pool offer regular courses. More than a swimwear you do not need to bring since. The foam belts are generally made. If that’s not enough, you can buy the buoyancy aid itself. Important: you should continuously be adjustable and adjust to the body. Otherwise, the belt is pressed in too hard on the chest and interferes with breathing. In addition, belt and arms that could come up during the running motion into the enclosure.

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