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The date of minimum durability of the yogurt is coming to an end? The cheese is even a day over it? Many people throw out food rather then as a precautionary measure in the bin.

Pretty much every consumer and every consumer has disposed of this way good edible food.

This unnecessary waste is not, unfortunately, only at home in your own kitchen. But thousands of tonnes of food landing daily in the garbage bins of supermarkets and discounters – many foods are still good and edible.

Labelling could prevent food waste

A recent market check, the consumer center of Hamburg showed that a better identification of this only a short shelf-life of food would help to reduce the waste.

This is the result of the auditors, after they had reviewed the presentation of short-durable Goods in different shops.

According to the consumer almost expired products will be marked protectors at the best of the retailers, Rewe and Lidl. Large labels on the packaging indicate to the customer that the food is only a short time durable.

Since the products are often between normal durable food on the shelf or in separate boxes to be presented, you are for consumers to quickly find.

Info should be visible

The presentation of the discounters, Aldi and Netto on the other hand is criticised by consumer protectors: this is Where buyers searched in vain for Clues to the according to short-lived goods.

Often these are provided only with a red label, at Aldi almost exclusively meat and fish products are offered cheaper.

Another point of criticism is the protection of consumer rights: Only a few dealers provide the the reduced price directly on the food.

“This consumer is not your choice but so that you know at the checkout how much you get for the nearly durable, food must pay,” explains Silke Schwartau of the consumer Hamburg.

Markings for sale motivate

But there are also positive examples for presentations, where many shops can be guided. Special markings, such as “I’m still good -50%”, “super saving and still super tasty” or “For immediate consumption is reduced”.

In the context of the Market check, the consumer could pads but only in the case of Rewe, Lidl, Real and Kaufland to identify.

In addition, consumers should be consumers awareness of food after the minimum durability date, directly bad, but still longer edible.

These Labels can contribute in boxes such as “I often keep longer than you think” or “Precious save – smell, taste, enjoy” part.

Food waste: Positive development

However, there are also good news: In comparison to the presentation of years 2012 and 2014, the Situation has improved overall.

According to the consumer center of Hamburg nearly expired food to be found now good overall and easier to see. Schwartau is concerned, however, that this labelling still need to be consumer-friendly.

“If not more so a lot of food to be thrown away, must be short-lasting products in the entire range declared,” she explains. “The best time to place the food on the normal shelf space and product groups sorted in clear boxes.”

Unattractive Wühlkisten should belong to the expert in the past. “The reduced price of the Goods should be on the product and not only at the checkout reported.”

In this way, the food waste can be saved is counteracted and the resources of our world.


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Cornelia Bertram

*The contribution of “Less waste: supermarkets should shortly be published durable food labels” will draw from FitForFun. Contact with the executives here.