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  • Jennifer Lopez’s toned abs are the highlight of fiancé Alex Rodriguez’s BTS Super Bowl video.
  • The video also revealed that the couple worked out together before J.Lo’s performance.
  • After the performance, Jennifer also revealed that she “felt like flying.”

Jennifer Lopez literally never took a day off while prepping for her historic Super Bowl performance. Her fiancé, Alex Rodriguez, released a series of behind-the-scenes YouTube videos, chronicling the lead-up to J.Lo’s epic Super Bowl performance, and turns out, the star worked out the morning of her performance with Shakira. The athletically-gifted couple left their house before 8 AM, and drove to SoMi Fitness in Miami, where they worked out to warm up before the big performance.

At the gym, an abs-baring J.Lo hit the elliptical, did pull-ups, and lifted weights on a bench press and cable machine while practicing her halftime show choreography in the mirror. She previously said her pre-show workout hits the three b’s: biceps, back, and booty. As for her abs, her trainer told told O, the Oprah Magazinethat her routine includes multiple sets of hanging abs raises, rope crunches, and incline sit ups with a 45-pound plate.

While Jennifer presumably went into hair and makeup, A-Rod and his daughter Natasha started prepping for their ET and Fox Sports broadcasts.

“My stepmom Jennifer Lopez will be performing alongside Shakira,” A-Rod’s daughter Natasha (an aspiring TV host) told ET.

Meanwhile, at 4:10 PM in the locker room, Jennifer, her backup dancers, and her rock-hard abs practiced the routine in full while A-Rod and the kids looked on. (Jennifer’s daughter, Emme Muniz, performed alongside her.)

“It felt like flying,” Jennifer said after the show, tearing up. “Every time I did it in rehearsal, it was so hard. It was hard. My adrenaline must have been at 150 because honestly, I felt like a feather. I wasn’t even breathing hard. It was crazy, baby. I just didn’t feel any wind at all.”

Need a reminder of just how awesome J.Lo’s Super Bowl performance was? Well, here ya go.

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