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Anyone who feels in the Winter, tired of the wonder, perhaps, whether perhaps a Vitamin D deficiency could be the cause for the sluggishness. The body need sunlight to make Vitamin D – and in the Winter the sun is in our latitudes, this is simply not high enough: Even in bright sunshine, the radiation is not enough, then, to put the production of Vitamin D in the body.

Germany is therefore in terms of Vitamin D, also sometimes referred to as a lack of land. As it is custom ordered to the supply, can only directly measure blood. The German society for nutrition recommends a value of more than 50 Nanomol per litre. Many people in Germany are, however, including: According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) do not reach around 60 percent of the adult population in Germany this value.

From the values it speaks of a lack of Vitamin D?

You should therefore take thus better preventative preparation, the Vitamin D contains? Vitamin D is important for bone metabolism and fulfils other functions in the body. A severe deficiency can lead, for example, cause bone to break more easily. On a hunch, you should not take Vitamin D, therefore, but that such A shortage is in Germany, fortunately, rare.

The RKI is only at a blood level of less than 12.5 Nanomol of Vitamin D per Liter of a severe deficiency. It informs that only about two percent of adults in Germany had a requiring treatment of severe Vitamin D deficiency. This applies in particular to people who get hardly any sun light, because they are, for example, the chronically sick. For some at-risk groups is recommended, therefore, Vitamin D to take to protect your bones. Babies include, for example, in the first year of life or in need of care.

So a Vitamin is expressed D deficiency

The bones and the immune system are particularly dependent on Vitamin D and therefore a lack of power here at the fastest noticeable. Thus, calcium can only strengthen the bones with the help of Vitamin D. A deficiency, there is a broken bone to heal it worse or it may even lead to a softening of the bones.

The immune system is the case of too little Vitamin D also weakened, it infections, for example, easier-to-Airway. Also Depression can be a Symptom of a Vitamin D deficiency. (More about depression you can read here) Since most of the symptoms listed above can occur in a variety of nutrient deficiencies, it should be noted that a Vitamin D deficiency a blood test. This is best done by the family doctor.

Vitamin D is important for bone metabolism

A mild deficiency can in most people, especially in the spring in the blood to determine. The body is able to store Vitamin D for a certain period of time. Over the Winter he clears this memory. How long can he live off of it, until he fills you again in the summer, is individually different.

Vitamin D should not only strengthen the bones. Again and again we read that it is also suited to serious diseases such as cancer or Diabetes. “This is not yet scientifically proven, however,” says Dr. Bettina Sauer Stiftung Warentest. The Stiftung Warentest has analyzed the previous studies to the beginning of 2018. Nothing indicated according to Sauer to the fact that the intake of Vitamin D is not suitable preparations to certain diseases.

You should not take Vitamin D better, on suspicion of

Conversely, it may bring side effects, on suspicion of Vitamin D supplements not to take, even if you are suffering perhaps even a lack of, especially if you are high-dosed. In the pharmacy and on the Internet many of the middle-without a prescription are available. Oxygen is recommended, however, to prefer to speak with their doctor and to have the value in the blood to determine. Health insurance companies pay only in exceptional cases, for Vitamin D supplements. Also the blood test at the doctor, must the Insured pay for in the rule itself.

If you overdose of Vitamin D can lead to side effects such as headache and Nausea. In the long term it may cause harm with an Overdose, the kidneys. The risk is especially when taking such high dose supplements (more than 4000 IU) over a period of time. (More on the topic of health, you can find here)

In the sun for more Vitamin D?

Should you so prefer summer as much as possible in the blazing sun, his memory to fill? “You can’t recommend, unfortunately,” says Sauer. “In order for you to increase the risk for skin cancer significantly.” Who’s applying the sun cream, but hinders in turn the production of Vitamin D until more research results are available, there is a Dilemma.

Experts recommend currently to keep the face, hands, and arms two to three times a week for a few minutes without sunscreen in the sun. “How long is each convenient, of course, depends also on the type of skin and the intensity of solar radiation,” says Sauer. In addition, it is also found in some foods Vitamin D, including some species of fish and in eggs. However, “alone with the demand but, unfortunately, not ceilings.”

Less Melatonin due to the light of day

Even if the sun is not shining in the Winter is intense enough to decrease the production of Vitamin D boost, you should try by the way, nevertheless, to gather in the Winter as much natural light as possible: on dark days, the light intensity outdoors is much higher than in enclosed areas – this helps to distribute the fatigue felt by many people in the Winter. It arises from the fact that the body excretes in the dark Season of the year, increased Melatonin. The hormone makes you tired and can press also the mood. Also in the Winter, the light outside is bright enough to slow the production and movement of power in addition to perk up.

This article was authored by (Maria Berentzen)

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