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Germany, Europe and the rest of the world are in crisis mode.


The enlightenment: Christian Drosten was the most important man in Germany

The RKI published daily reports on the Situation in Germany, the world health organization (WHO), the global location in the view. Additional data come from the John Hopkins University in the United States, which occupies a leading role worldwide in the fields of medicine and health Sciences.

You have a voice in our regularly updated maps and graphics, an Overview of the spread of Sars-CoV-2 – in Germany and globally.

The following data can be found below:

Note for mobile users: Should the graphic elements are not or not correctly displayed, please click here.

1) the course of the infection in Germany

The upper of the two graphs shows the development of the new infections in Germany, the lower the cumulative number of confirmed infections in the course of time. In all graphs, the following applies: Click on the items to see detailed information displayed to get.

2) spread of the Coronavirus in Germany

The map shows the confirmed infections in Germany at the länder-level:

3) infection with Sars-CoV-2 worldwide

Below, first, an Overview of the global infections. Click on “back” and “next”, you can switch between the entire infection, and new infections back and forth. The list below the map provides an Overview of the countries with the most infections.

4) a proportion of the total population 65 years and older

In addition to people with weakened immune systems or pre-existing conditions, the Coronavirus is mainly for older people is a big risk. The map below shows the proportion of people in age 65 years or older in the world.

Note: to be Considered in each case, only the laboratory-proven cases of official Bodies such as the Robert-Koch-Institute or world health organization were confirmed. The John Hopkins University uses several sources. In this respect, it is possible that elsewhere already, cases reported, these have, however, found in the statistics on this page are not yet in place.

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