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In Germany, died in connection with the Coronavirus two people. The man from Heinsberg (78) and the woman from eating (89) fall in a classic risk-Schema. FOCUS Online explains for whom the Virus is particularly dangerous.

Worldwide, more than 111.000 people detection are currently with Sars-CoV-2 infected. Over 62,000 have healed since the outbreak of the disease in December 2019 already, and just under 3900 have died of its consequences.

In Germany, the number of Infected soared within a short period of time suddenly to the top: 1151 people in this country Stand infected on Monday afternoon with the Virus. Two people in Germany now died in connection with a Corona virus infection.

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1) In Essen, died in an 89-year-old woman, in the case of the Virus last Tuesday, have been found to be. Since the beginning of March she had been in the University hospital to be treated. She died of pneumonia in consequence of Coronavirus infection.

2) In Heinsberg, a 78-year-old man died. He was in treatment at the hospital in Geilenkirchen. The man suffered for several days of symptoms such as diarrhea, fever, and cough. The Patient, the pre-existing conditions such as Diabetes and also heart disease had been stationary treated in hospital and is now at about 14 o’clock, of heart failure died.

Many citizens are confused, even scared. There is no reason for concern for most people Because the Virus does not affect all of the Infected to the same extent. For most healthy people, the course is mild.

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    Experts are currently assuming a mortality rate of between one and three percent of. They are viewed for different age groups, especially people of middle and old age are affected. In the case of Infected is over 80, the mortality rate was just under 15 per cent, in children under ten years of age, it came to diseases and to cases, not deaths, as a first study from China by the end of February showed.

    Also more likely from a fatal course of the disease affected are, surprisingly, men. Experts suggest that this is due to the fact that men smoke more frequently – which can also have a bad influence on the disease – and more travel, so more often to people who are ill able to meet. Men are also more likely to have type 2 Diabetes and high blood pressure, what can beneficiaries of a bad history.  

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    People with pre-existing conditions and weak immune systems are at risk

    People with pre-existing conditions and those that suffer from a weakened immune system, such as in the case of the flu also in the risk group. These include:

    • Lung diseases such as COPD: In COPD means chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases. Affected suffer mostly from cough or sputum, often get short of breath or are quickly out of breath. The disease is not curable. As Covid-19 mainly affects the respiratory tract and lungs such as immune system damaged by diseases such as COPD, pre -, such patients are at a higher risk to die of the disease. The infection Loge Christoph Spinner, confirmed in an interview with FOCUS Online.
    • Diabetes: diabetics, type one, such as two, generally have a weaker immune system than people, which is not affected by the disease are. The body of the diabetes patient does not produce enough Insulin, which means that he is chronically in excess glucose levels in.
    • Cardiovascular disease: According to the Robert Koch-Institute (RKI) also have people participating in a cardiovascular disease, a higher risk that Covid-19 you takes a severe course. Cardiovascular diseases affect as the Name suggests, the heart, and include, for example, heart valve defects, hypertension , or coronary heart disease.
    • People with diseases of the liver or kidney , or have a cancer suffer often have a weakened immune system and suffer, therefore, more likely to be a serious Covid-19-history.
    • People with a weak immune system – be it due to illness, age or by the taking of medication also have an increased risk. HIV-Diseased , for example, usually take drugs that suppress the immune system. As relates to the people, the to autoimmune diseases such as Multiple sclerosis, Asthma (including allergic), rheumatism and psoriasis or chronic inflammatory bowel diseases such as Crohn’s disease are suffering. In these diseases the immune system attacks is often the body, therefore, patients take medicines that weaken it or even turn it off. The power of the body, however, for pathogens such as influenza or corona viruses-prone.

    People, the to one of the risk groups, recommend the RKI and other institutions, particularly careful to be. To wash and keep their Distance from diseased persons to be vigilant and to keep up the appearance of the first symptoms to consultation with the house doctor is located in the hands.

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    Why it came to individual cases of death in humans is not among the risk groups, is not explored. The US virologist Jeffery Taubenberger has but a guess, as he "Bloomberg" explained: So could it be that some of the "gesunde" People, especially many of the protein receptors in the cells of your lungs, which attack the Virus or a previously unrecognized pre-existing condition or immune weakness.

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