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A good intention into a trial day in the fitness Studio was born out of a kind of very good one-day trial period, a contract followed, and in order to secure the smallest member contribution – a term of 24 months.

This may feel in front of the cute Trainer with the encouraging Smile even after a good decision.

On the way home this can be, however, quite different.

But how to get out of a contract at the gym again?

Beware of minimum contract periods

The bad news first: anyone Who has first signed a contract with a certain minimum duration, for it will be hard to return to his gym before the expiry of the time the back – at least without financial loss.

It is in the rule, no matter how quickly after the conclusion of the contract with the knowledge to have made a mistake. For a 14-day right of withdrawal does not exist in the normal case.

A right of withdrawal exists only in the case of distance contracts that are concluded by telephone or over the Internet.

At fitness studios, it is, however, customary to take a trial and then the contract to sign.

To be on a minimum-term contract of up to 24 months of obligation is also illegal. According to legal experts, the ARAG such long run times are to be called for only in the General terms and conditions (GTC).

It is not, therefore, fail to consider before signing a contract, exactly how long you want to a certain Gym really commit.

Prohibited Contract Clauses

Even if the chances are low, to come prior to the expiration of an existing initial term of his contract with the fitness Studio, there is a remedy in the case of automatic renewals.

Some contracts will not be extended after the expiry of the initial term namely simply automatically determine the period, by inserting in advance a contradiction.

Such a tacit renewal, however, is only for six months and a monthly contribution of a maximum of 50 Euro to be financially reasonable.

According to the ARAG longer periods of more than one year as of the contract clause in the rule, inadmissible.

Should you be in this Situation, it may be worthwhile, therefore, to make his claim. In most cases, the contract ends after the originally agreed term.

The right to extraordinary termination

The notice period for a timely cancellation of the contract results from the terms and conditions of the sports studios. This is an open-ended contract (minimum duration so excluded) between one and three months.

The gym longer notice should demand periods or on an unlawful extension of the contract occupations with a further expiration, can explain to a court to be invalid.

In addition, there are a couple of ways to apply for a period of time independent, extraordinary termination. Here are a few examples:

  • If a disease does not preclude the use of the gym permanently. The gym may require the submission of a medical certificate.
  • If there is a pregnancy. The to the post free Rest of the contract can run.
  • When it comes to a breach of the contractual obligations by the gym operator. This can be according to the ARAG, for example, the replacement of lots of Stress in a course, the final was for the customer when the contract is important. However, the operators of the Studio must have been set for first, a reasonable period of time, to change the circumstances a little.

A move is not part of amazingly, however, as to the reasons for an extraordinary notice of termination.

According to a judgment of the Federal court of justice in 2016, even professional be considered conditional moves as a personal matter of the customer, the gym needs to take that into consideration.


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