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According to the Hopkins University, more than 4500 people were in Germany until Sunday with the novel Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 infected. According to the experts, this is not the end of the flag pole. But what to do if it is believed to carry the Virus?

Click here to read some simple rules that help you to get assurance and to protect at the same time, others before that, also with the Virus to infect.


Pregnancy and Corona: How dangerous is the Virus for both mother and child?

First rule: Not in the doctor’s office go to

As the highest and most important of all rules, the following applies: anyone Who believes that Corona is ill, one must not his house, consult a physician. Should actually be an infection, all other patients in the waiting room, as well as the staff in the practice, the highest risk of Infection.

Before you take action, you should first answer the following three questions:

You must answer at least one of these questions is “Yes”, contact the doctor or the medical emergency service (dial 116 and 117) on the phone.

Corona Is Suspected? So you need to proceed

Until the results, you should avoid unnecessary social contact and to stay home.

Sources: Federal Ministry of,

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