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The man needs touches. Body contact is important – almost like the air you Breathe. Adults, it helps in coping with stress, babies grow up.

The annual “world knuddeltag” (English: National Hugging Day) is on 21. January to move to take each other more in the Arm.

Why is Embrace actually healthy?

The skin of an adult measures up to two square meters – spread that would be about the size of a door.

Because body and Psyche are closely linked, the touches on our largest and most sensitive sense organ to something in us.

“Without the touches of the man stunted and may become ill”, says Ute Repschläger by the Federal Association of independent physiotherapists (IFK).

It is embraced, releases the body from neurotransmitters, which are popularly referred to as “hormones of happiness”.

Oxytocin is about creates a calming effect, helps to reduce stress and strengthens interpersonal bonds. Dopamine improves your mood.

Various studies have shown that the heart of man, the embrace regularly, suggests a quiet, explains the therapist.

People with regular body contact also showed a lower stress hormones and blood pressure values.

Children are often embraced, the elderly and less – why?

“Children look for the physical closeness for coping with stress,” says Martin Grunwald, Director of the haptic research laboratory at the University of Leipzig.

The Childhood was a “key contact time”. Especially in the early development of this contact have a fundamental influence, supplemented Repschläger.

Especially older people but often with a touch deficit. Sufficient contact there is often only as long as the Partner is still alive. Grunwald: “The body is a lack of old people can’t imagine the boys at all.”

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Does it make a difference, to be a Stranger down?

“The soothing aspects of a brief hug are faster and stronger in the case of a familiar Person,” explains Grunwald.

The touch of a close sympathetic people do particularly well, as they go hand in hand with confidence, says Repschläger. Even the Cuddling with the pet regarding the “hormones of happiness” effect.

But even with hugs by strangers a luck can set a feeling.

The Leipzig haptics researchers praises, therefore, initiatives such as the “Free Hugs”movement, in the case of the Stranger on the street Free hugs to offer: “Since no one come out with distorted facial features. The people are all smiles and happy.”

It is the nature of the contact: Physical contact in a crowded train, for example, caused many people discomfort, says Repschläger.

Also in the case of a nurse, for example, only when a relationship of trust must be established, so that the contact can be really good.

And a hug to rare?

Lump sum can not answer this question. How much physical proximity to someone needs can vary greatly. Some want to allow simply no, or little close.

Repschläger advises in General, and more likely to approach each other: “Physical touch is for every human being is of great importance, regardless of age.”


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