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Even if there is now a first proof of the new lung disease in Germany, the risk for infection with the novel Coronavirus in the country remains low. A suspected case is reported to the respective health authority. A suspected disease according to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), especially in two cases: firstly, if a person has an acute infection of the lower respiratory tract such as pneumonia, and up to a maximum of 14 days before the onset of the disease in a high-risk area – for example, in Wuhan, in China was. As a suspected case is classified, if the Person has symptoms such as a cough, but in direct contact with a Patients was.

In both of these cases, a Test should be initiated on the Virus. Lars what a pity from the RKI recommends potentially Diseased, previously to the doctor or hospital to call. So the Doctors could make preparations in order to keep the risk of Infection for other people as low as possible.

Coronavirus – the first case in Germany

The investigation is ideal, a sample from the lower and the upper respiratory ways, respectively, due to taken. The Virus can be found for example in cough sputum. The evaluation of the test takes just under five hours, the time that the Transport by means of a courier needs to the lab is yet to come. So far, there are about a handful of labs that offer the Test, said Lars, what a pity. That will change soon, though. “The laboratories, prepare to the fact that the number of suspected cases is rising.” So far, the Test was conducted in Germany a few dozen Times, which is a positive result, there were now in Bavaria. A man from the district of Starnberg in Bavaria have been infected with the pathogen, according to a spokesman for the health Ministry in Munich late Monday night.

As long as it is not clear whether a suspected case is classified Person carries the Virus, recommends the RKI, isolation in the hospital. The person Concerned will then be housed in a single room and the hospital staff must wear protective clothing.

Contact persons under observation

The test result is positive, remains in the insulation. In addition, then also the people must be observed for 14 days, with the infectious Patient has had contact. You would then be registered first, in particular, it will ask for symptoms and it may be made also lab tests, explains the Berlin virologist Christian Drosten.

Lung disease from China

Diseased, Dead, and other cases: for example, four experts evaluate the developments on Coronavirus

A protective vaccine or specific therapy for the treatment of the disease, there is not, the symptoms but can be with medication mitigated. According to current estimates by experts, the novel lung disease appears to be mild in most cases, possibly even without symptoms. In China, the registered death cases, most go back to the current status in older patients with severe pre-existing conditions.

The new pathogen is the Virus behind the Sars epidemic of 2002/2003 are very similar. At that time, there had been, according to data from the world health organization (WHO), between November 2002 and July 2003, only nine certificates in Germany. Deaths there were in this country.

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