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As in pretty much every area of life, there are also food certain Trends and “Must Eats” that must not be omitted, and therefore the dining plan shape.

2020 approaches, above all, a conscious dealing with food and the environment into the focus of the General public – very good!

Of a healthier than the other

However, even if the individual foods, there are Trends. Especially the so-called Superfoods to compete with each other for the title and outdo each other with Top of nutrient profiles and health Benefits.

As with every year, the other ingredients are in high demand, can fall, sometimes hard, to lose in between all the berries, seeds, and fermented foods, an Overview.

To be able to regularly specifically one or the other court spice it up, here are the six best Superfoods for the year 2020, which should be in every healthy kitchen.

1. Hemp seeds

Who has not heard of hemp seeds, you should now the tips of the ears. Because the small grains it is truly a protein-rich Superfood.

“Hemp seeds are a good source of vegetable Protein that can be given in many meals, such as Smoothies, yogurt or your favorite salad,” says the nutrition expert Maya Feller to the Portal ‘POPSUGAR’.

In addition to abundant Protein, the seeds hold many more health Benefits of Europe.

“You are unique, because they contain all nine essential amino acids,” says the expert. “They are also rich in calcium, iron, zinc, Magnesium, potassium and vitamins A, C, E and some B vitamins.”

2. Goji Berries

Similar to healthy it is also with this small force packages more: Goji berries.

“Goji berries contain many anti-oxidants, copper, zinc, Vitamin C and Vitamin A,” explains the nutritionist Natalie Senninger.

“These nutrients protect the body from cancer and inflammation. They are also beneficial for the digestion.”

Goji berries – are usually buy in dried Form and is ideal as a Snack and as an ingredient for granola bars, in the morning Porridge or in healthy Smoothies.

3. Blackberries

It’s no secret that berries are full of substances so healthy and content. Therefore, surprising that it has still managed a small fruit in the Ranking.

In addition to earth, Raspberry and blue berries in 2020, especially blackberries should be able to find your way in the kitchen.

“These tasty berries get their color by the so-called anthocyanins. It is an antioxidant, color pigments,” says nutritionist Amy Gorin.

These anthocyanins can help the brain function. And not only that, A study from the year 2019 suggests that this Phytonutrient may also help to delay age-related cognitive decline.

So just go into the Porridge that!

4. Sesame seeds

Sesame seeds may be small, but Power is plugged in properly, however, in the Form of healthy nutrients in this tiny Superfood.

“Sesame seeds are a good source of fiber, zinc and other important nutrients,” says Ali Webster, Deputy Director, nutrition communications International Food Information Council, .

“They also give food a roasted flavor and a crunchy consistency.”

The seeds are great to top salads or sandwiches. Also in the healthy Asian cuisine, they are very popular and give many a Smoothie with a pleasant spiciness.

5. Arugula

Dark green leafy vegetables is one of the healthiest foods you can eat – that’s for sure. This year should therefore be, among other things, arugula are becoming increasingly popular in the kitchen.

“Who counts rocket part of his diet, makes sure he takes enough micro-nutrients that support the body in many vital functions,” explains Feller.

Among these, iron and calcium are in addition to Vitamin A and C. As a small Bonus on top of that neat fiber at the top.

“The daily consumption of a dark leaf green in connection with an improvement in blood sugar levels, improve cardiovascular health and a lower risk of developing certain types of cancer.”

6. Miso

In the case of Miso, a spicy Paste, which is mainly used in the Japanese kitchen. Made you will from fermented soybeans, salt and Koji-fungi.

The health Benefit is of Miso Paste is mainly in the fact that it is a fermented food.

“These have been around for centuries, but they are becoming more and more popular,” explains Webster. “Some fermented foods such as Miso contain probiotic bacteria, which may be important for the intestinal health of advantage.”

In addition, the Paste has small amounts of vitamins and minerals. Important to note, however, that Miso, due to the sodium content, for people who need to watch their salt intake, it may be unsuitable.


  • Medina dos Santos, N., et al. (2019): Current evidence on cognitive improvement and neuroprotection promoted by anthocyanins, retrieved on 15.01.2020

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