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In a cooperation of scientists from Manchester, Geneva and Lausanne, a new anti developed viral substance made of sugar, the virus in a contact destroyed. The efficacy against different viruses has been demonstrated. The method should in the future help in the fight against Virus outbreaks.

The modified sugar molecules destroy on contact and the outer shell of the virus, rather than just their growth limit. This new approach could prevent drug resistance, the antiviral drugs that inhibit the virus’s growth, sometimes occur. Has been tested the effectiveness of a number of viruses that cause respiratory disease, Herpes, Hepatitis or AIDS. Due to the broad-band activity of this substance you could diseases also against new and emerging viruses, such as the novel Coronavirus to be effective.

Anti-viral medications often unzuverläcasual

Virucidal – so, the virus &ndash kill; are usually toxic to humans and can not be taken or used on the skin. Medication against the virus to inhibit only the virus growth, and are not always reliable, because the virus can become resistant to these treatments. The new Virucidal from sugar, by contrast, are not toxic and kill viruses on contact.

Dr. Samuel Jones, of the University of Manchester said: "We have successfully developed a new molecule, which is a modified sugar with a wide spectrum of anti-viral properties. Because it acts virucidal, have virus difficulties to develop drug resistance. It is a new type of antiviral drug and is one of the first broad-band effectiveness, so that it can change the treatment of virus infections is crucial." It could be found, for example in creams, ointments and nasal sprays to use.