Allied strike ii

Allied strike ii


First it was washing the hands. As the Coronavirus broke out and all over the world, were suddenly everywhere for explanations of why it is so important to wash your hands thoroughly. Even the instructions to the right hands wash went – the act is not so profane as you thought, especially in times of a pandemic.


Corona is the test for our whole society

The hands of the Coronavirus has not been able to stop the wash, but who knows where we would be today, we would not pay attention for a couple of weeks reinforced the fact. Nevertheless, the number of Infected is increasing day by day by leaps and bounds. On Monday, the Robert-Koch Institute reported 1043 cases more than the day before. Long ago we arrived in a period, in which the Dimension of the distribution, our mind begins to exceed. And this is only the beginning. The exponential curve is escalating further to the above, we look helpless.

Wherein: Quite so helpless humanity is the Virus. There are ways to protect yourself and others, to slow down the infection speed and maybe even, the Virus to dry up. The only Problem is: Many seem to know nothing about it or you act knowingly.

Coronavirus: It’s no longer just their own health

After the washing of hands has not shown sufficient effect, there are more drastic recommendations of the experts. Scientists clearly indicate that the currently most promising way to prevent infection, the most far-reaching renunciation of social contacts. Therefore, be prohibited by the state from events and schools closed. Therefore, people who are infected, or with Infected persons in contact were, in quarantine go to. Therefore, every citizen should remain, if possible, at home. So the risk of infection can, at least, reduce.

It is important to understand: It is not only the own health. It’s not even the health of the people you meet directly. The Virus can not control, or limit, with each Person wearing it in and there will be many vulnerable others. It is important in this Phase to slow down the pace of the infection as far as possible so that not too many people at the same time sick and the health system is collapsing.

Many of us know, in the meantime, this image of the flattened curve and the recommendations of the Doctors, how this flattening of the reach let. Apparently, there are still many people of the seriousness of the situation is not clear. Some of them are ill-informed, others keep the warnings to be exaggerated. The work of enlightenment is the same for both groups. You could say it’s a matter of survival.

Anyone who knows the background, has to pass on his Knowledge

Two meters distance, lack of social contacts, closed Bars and Clubs are rigorous measures which a lot of amazement. The policy may, in part, to intervene, and the people almost to reason force, in private life, but asked mostly self-responsibility. Probably only the one who adheres to the precautionary measures, understand their meaning also. The importance of the infection curve to flatten out, to protect the health care system and how incredibly fast the Virus is spreading, which is clear, deal with it.

The Corona-Insulation

"No other people – this is the Hölle": Why the social distance is so difficult

Information there is enough, and such that every Non-understood medical: Podcasts, animations, graphics, text, practical tips. You will not only come, unfortunately, in many cases, those who work during the day and your free time with series and TV movies spend. The beer gardens were on the weekend at any rate in many cities is still well filled.

The next few weeks will be tough on most people, a lot of things, and it’s understandable if not everyone wants to absolutely keep to the recommendations or can. But to act with a view to the alarming Situation in a responsible and sensible, you should be able to expect. Nevertheless, there seems to be people who keep the whole situation a joke – how else can the so-called Corona can be explained that the Robert-Koch-Institute party-goers at an official press conference, go to parties, almost pleading must ask: “Please don’t do that”?

That is why in this Phase, in the even there is a Chance that the Virus to a reasonably tolerable level curb, awareness – raising and advocacy work so valuable. The Knowledge about the Coronavirus, its dangers and its spread needs to be spread in the same way and in the same Tempo as the Virus itself: from person to person.

Not for nothing do they speak in social media-that content “go viral”. Anyone who knows the background to the Coronavirus something better, is a multiplier that has excellent arguments to convince others – in the family, in the circle of friends, at work. To the more drastic precautionary measures against the Coronavirus, are so self-evident and obvious, as are the washing of hands. This is also a Form of a sense of community.

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