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14.557 Infected 305 people Dead, 24 countries / States concerned – is the way it looks, the official interim assessment of the world health organization (WHO), the novel Coronavirus is from the 2. February. Trend of the Numbers: rising. The four days ago declared an International health status changes because so far, nothing. It is only the sixth Time in history that the WHO has declared a “public Health emergency of international concern” – the official designation–. The Instrument has been decided, in accordance with the Sars-pandemic in 2002/2003, and the outbreak of the bird flu in 2004 in may 2005 by the WHO member States. The state of emergency will call for a “serious, sudden, unusual and unexpected health problem” that can spread to other countries.

Coronavirus is an international challenge

The aim of the measure, the containment of the disease by the more than 190 WHO member countries are working increasingly together. “We’re all in the same boat,” said WHO Director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesu. The Virus could only be stopped.

The WHO recommends that countries with less developed health systems and States to coordinate their efforts. In addition, the work on medicines and vaccines should be accelerated, Knowledge and data shared and rumours followed. At the same time, the WHO recommends that in connection with the Coronavirus no trade and travel restrictions.

The past shows: The proclamation of the International health emergency has been declared, may, but need not necessarily help, epidemics or pandemics to contain:

Swine flu

The swine flu is caused by the influenza virus H1N1 appeared in 2009 in Mexico. The local health authorities identified a cluster of lung inflammation. From Mexico, the Virus spread rapidly in the United States and also in many other countries. In Germany, in many places, schools and kindergartens were temporarily closed. In August 2010, the WHO declared the pandemic over. According to estimates, at the time, died from 100,000 to 400,000 people to the consequences of an infection, of which, according to the Robert Koch-Institute, there are about 250 in Germany. The death rate of the Infected was less than one percent.


2014, the International health emergency has been declared because of polio (Polio) – and he is still. While, thanks to extensive vaccination programs, many areas of the world are already regarded as free from Polio, were in 2018 and 2019, Transfers of Polio detected pathogens in Afghanistan and Pakistan, were previously documented in Cameroon, Syria and Iraq cases. Five to ten percent of the Infected die. The WHO has expressed “deeply concerned by the significant further increase”, and penetrates with the Declaration of an International health emergency, in particular, to intensify vaccinations. Long-term goal is the eradication of the disease.


Good memories of many is likely to be the Ebola fever epidemic of 2014 in West Africa. In the mainly affected countries of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, more than 28,000 people, more than 11,000 have died of diseased according to the Robert Koch-Institute. In Germany, no people have been infected with the Virus, three of them came from Africa for treatment in Germany, a Person died. The WHO called on countries concerned to activate their civil protection order to effectively fight against the spread of the Virus to proceed. Thanks to international aid and cooperation of the International health emergency in 2016, could be repealed.

Doctor about the fight against Ebola

"The people around you are dying like Fliegen"

The “Time Magazine” named Ella Watson-Stryker to the Person of the year – for their fight against Ebola. In the starInterview, tell the Doctor how you and your colleagues the situation on the ground have experienced.


On the basis of Brazil were infected starting in 2015, several million people with the Zikavirus. Most of the infections are according to the Robert Koch-Institute without symptoms. In rare cases, however, occurrence of neurological complications, even infections can cause during pregnancy malformations in the foetus. The WHO called the international health emergency in February 2016, and in November he was declared finished. In particular, the research on Transmission and course of the disease should be strengthened. Since the outbreak of the disease wave in Brazil were registered in Germany, around 300 cases.

Renewed Ebola Outbreak

Since 2018, the grass, the Ebola fever in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and in neighboring Uganda. Until January 2020, the WHO, 3414 diseases and 2237 of death in the reported cases. In July 2019, you proclaimed the international health emergency and raised funds for the fight against the epidemic – with only moderate success, because a funding gap remained. Thanks to vaccinations, the wave of Infection could be contained, at least, new Infections can be prevented in the precarious security situation but.

Ebola, Violence, Famine,

In the DR Congo, thousands die and millions are threatened with death

Aid agencies describe the situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo as a “second-biggest hunger crisis in the world”. The people there suffer from the Ebola outbreak, and not the end of violence – hardly a public, respected by the world.

Sars: an International health emergency

Although the discussion is often a comparison of the actual Coronavirus with the Sars pandemic of 2002 will be pulled, this was not an International health emergency; simply because it was not in this category at this time. Nevertheless, the Sars pandemic is an example of the rapid spread of a Virus in the globalized world, in the end, a good two dozen States were affected. Overall, a total of 774 people died of the Virus-induced airway disease according to the WHO, up to 2004, in 8096 cases, infections could be detected; the mortality rate stood at 9.6 percent. The current Coronavirus which is currently located at 2.1 percent. In Germany, no Infected has died.

Threatening to appear for Germany at the moment, rather, the flu wave: Up to 28. January were reported to the Robert Koch-Institute, for this season of around 7000 cases, there were 43 deaths in Germany. The göttingen anxiety researcher Professor Borwin Bandelow said the news Agency DPA: “most of The people get a flu and know that it’s over after 14 days. Remember that you can die of the flu.”

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