WHO wants to protect Teens from hearing loss

WHO wants to protect Teens from hearing loss


Due to loud music in the headphones more than a billion Teenagers and young adults in danger of suffering hearing loss worldwide. The world health organization (WHO) reported. For this reason, the authority has now – together with the International telecommunication Union, guidelines for Smartphones and other music devices designed. The WHO have discussed for a long time with experts and young people about the most effective measures.

Among other devices, the volume and length of listening to music, measure, listeners to indicate whether or not your volume is safe, and you should offer ways to reduce the volume automatically. “We wanted to give bans, but the users choice,” said Shelly Chadha, of the WHO for the area of deafness and hearing impairment charge on Tuesday in Geneva. So far, you could leave the volume only on the instinct.

It is a matter of recommendations, stressed Chadha. Governments could take the industry to commit to maintaining it. Companies can, however, implement the recommendations. According to Chadha, the EU is one of the few regions of the world, the recommendations for headphones own safety.

The WHO has no Numbers about how many people have damaged their hearing is actually due to loud to listen to music through headphones. Hearing loss to take, but generally speaking, Chadha. In 2013, the WHO estimated the number of people with a marked hearing impairment due to all causes – 360 million. In the past year, it stood at 466 million. One reason for this is the increasing age of people.