Which pension scheme is right?

Which pension scheme is right?


Thus, the pension is sufficient, it is necessary nowadays frühzeitiger private pensions. What you should consider depending on your Situation at the financial planning

The wish: prosperity in the age für Berufstäterm no Selbstverstäsensitivity

"The Germans are much to nachläcasual on the subject of Altersvorsorge", Merten Larisch, pension expert, complained to the consumers ‘ Association of Bavaria. The main reason ­dafür he sees in the lack of &shy liable;Financial education and training.

Various studies have shown in the past few years, the German lights to the Circuit in Europe zäselect, when it comes to financial matters such as Vermögene structure and retirement. However, for the pension köcould the verhäprison will be full. Because the statutory pension ceiling alone, the need für is the time after the professional life for a long time. A zusäadditional financial Provision is necessary in order to secure the standard of living, say financial experts for years.

The pension level will continue to fall

And yet beschämany Germans are engaged only between the ages of 40 and 50 years verstärkt with your future, says consumer adviser Larisch. Früthe statutory pension insurance in Germany was very strong, and I have a großpart of the final income replaced. The’ve rocked a lot of people in security.

However, the level of pensions, once at 60%, in 2030 under 45 percent. Is the für a number of German, that between pension income and cost of living is a huge Lücke is gape. Who has not, will not hold his usual standard of living köcan; some are even slipping into poverty in old age.

Aktiensparpläne use

It is even more important, möas früh benefits to küinhibitors. However, the market is für lay right unüsummary: Some offers are steuerbegüsupports, other by allowances from the state unterstützt, other cause especially high costs but hardly any return on investment. To the Latter zämiss Kapitallebens­insurance companies and some private pension insurance. "The were relatively unprofitable products, even when sold in bulk wurden", consumer warns consultant Larisch.

Instead, he recommends first and foremost equity index Fund (ETF) and interest-bearing Banksparpläne. These equity ETFs are now viewed as the ne plus ultra of the pension, because you überschaubarem risk and comparatively high returns – especially if you are in the long term bespart. Depending on the HöHey state Fön about impair ment s köcan also the Riester pension and occupational salary conversion inte­interest.

Retirement plans are tailored individually

25 Years, University Graduate

Anyone who now starts with the Save, can already Betr&auml with small;its küfuture pension ­properly improve. Zunäfirst of all, it is the existential risks: A good Berufs­unfähigkeits – as well as a private liability insurance are a Must. Unforeseen expenditure can be with a nest egg in a money market account is easier to cope with.

As the first Foundation stones für the ­Pension schemes are equity-index Fund (ETF) or Banksparpläne. There köcan also vermögene effective performance of the employer’s land. An Option to pay the conversion is A part of the salary is paid by the chief directly in a pension plan. It’s worth it, if he pays at least 20 per cent.

35 years old, young family

"In the case of families, the insurance is protection against the finan­financial consequences of liability, ­Berufsunfäability, Todesfäcases and Kinderinvalidität wichtig", Merten says Larisch. Spätesting now the &shy should;Soft für the old-age pension.

Here, too, workers &shy: ;discuss with your boss a mödaily salary conversion ­as well as the Deposit of the ver­mögene effective services in an appropriate savings plan.

A voluntary payment in the statutory pension is a möpossible Option, but not always the best choice, mainly because they später is not inheritable. Better &shy are also suitable here;Equity funds and Banksparpläne.

Especially families köcan of Riester products benefit, because the state jäannual allowances in Höthe amount of 175 Euro as well as 300 ­Euro füeach child contributes. Prerequisite: The employee pays at least 4 per cent of its previous year’s gross income abzüthe question of the allowances. Also für kinder­lots of Geringver­servant is "Riester" möresembled way. "Many do not know that Riester Bank and Fondssparplänen möpossible ist", as an expert Boss. This is the better Alternative.

50 years, in the midst of life

Große Lücover according to a läyounger professional life, mostly plugs. But even now Sparpl&auml are;ne is still a suitable Option, at least a little money fürs age zurückzulegen. &shy might exist still;unprofitable Altverträge? Let the policies of experts überprüfen. The Beiträge köcan then maybe better in the appropriate Vorsorgepläne will be invested.

And ultimately, it is never too spät, the employer again after a Entgelt­to ask conversion.

Äolder people, especially Selbststäfull, with a very high taxable income köcan because of the tax advantages of Rürup-pension products benefit from. Bianca Boss: "Many features üabout tax savings. Nevertheless, one must also consider the disadvantages." So experts advise in most of the other ­Fäcases of such products strictly. An exception to people who are at risk of Hartz IV and their partes in a legal manner before the credit is on the m&ouml save form but, for example,;want to.

Old policies maintained

However, statistically, each Bundesb&uuml has;citizens at least, a capital life insurance. Since the question of whether it still makes sense to keep the policy. "Verträge, the run a long time, usually have a good rate of interest. You should beibehalten&quot better;, rät Bianca Boss of the Federal Insured (BdV).

However, there are so many factors that ­which is why it is advisable any Police ­to take a closer look at and ­to provide, where appropriate, post-free, or even to kücomplete. Because, generally speaking, rät the Federal government of the Insured by almost all insurance products for retirement. The more important it is exactly the same as the Saving für the pension to beschäbusy.

With the inventory start

It starts with the planning of the pension schemes but always with an inventory. So: How much pension I can be with my derzei­term financial plan üin General expect, how much money benöI term the ages, and how much häI tte für a zusäadditional pension übrig?

The legal Rententräger informed jäa year üabout the current status of the basic pension. There might be more Verträge, for example, Bausparverträge, pensions or insurance products, the employer für has completed? You already own real estate, or köyou can später a secure heritage expect?

Like a lot of money in the age benöis required, each must für to derive himself from his current living expenses. "Rules of thumb füdo here is often misleading, because each deals differently with its finances and every one one other standard of living hat", Merten says Larisch.

Unabhäcommon advice to use

Create a möas far as possible accurate Üreview üabout revenue and expenditure. Important: Berüthey take into account also unregelmäßowned expenditure plan, for example, Rücklagen für the may be required to purchase a new vehicle. Some expenses fall in retirement, others come womöpossible.

It is best to take your documents and the statement of your finances with a unabhäan independent fee-based advisors. Such experts charge für their services a Gebühr is usually good. Because, unlike financial brokers, the fee-based advisors receive no Commission für the placement of the products. You are therefore, really unabhäregardless. But also Verbraucherverbände and Central help against Gebühr for the individual planning retirement.

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With the right Verträgen köyou can reduce financial risks. What about your living situation &ndash fits; from the Apprentice up to a better income