Vitamin D deficiency: What are the symptoms that indicate Video

Vitamin D deficiency: What are the symptoms that indicate Video


You feel listless or have joint pain? This may be due to a Vitamin D deficiency. What signs could indicate? FOCUS Online shows it to you.

They are often ill – is it Vitamin D deficiency?

Every couple of weeks, you are caught by another Virus and not a cold is passing you by? This could be due to a Vitamin D deficiency. Our body has an adaptive and an innate immune system – both of which are strengthened by Vitamin D and can’t work without it reliable.

You are depressed

You have often times in a bad mood for no apparent reason? You will feel listless and tired? Then you should have your Vitamin D levels checked. Because the Vitamin produces the happiness hormone Serotonin. It is not sufficient, we feel mood badly. In this context, the so-called “winter depression”. Due to the lack of light in the dark months, our skin produces less Vitamin D.

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You have pain in the joints

When it comes to bone health, many people think immediately of calcium. Aching bones and joints but can also be due to a Vitamin D deficiency. The Vitamin regulates, namely, the calcium – and phosphate-levels in the body. Without Vitamin D the risk of fractures and pain increases. Especially in people from 50.

You have weak muscles

After the workout, you are plagued by muscle twitching and in pain? Also it could be the lack of Vitamin D. Because Vitamin D penetrates into the muscle cells, is metabolized and thus leads to increased muscle contractions. This prevents falls and builds strength in the muscles.