Vision check: the elderly often wear fake glasses

Vision check: the elderly often wear fake glasses


A study from Sweden, according to the eyes of 70-Year-olds overall. Six out of ten people could improve their eyesight by purchasing a pair of glasses, or the existing capacity to adapt.

The vast majority of the 70-Year-old was with your eyesight pleased, but many overestimated how well they actually see: 61.5 percent could clearly see better, if you were to adjust your glasses or a would to purchase. "This is easy to the optometrist to do that to a eye doctor verweist", Lena Havstam Johansson from the Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg says.

Regelmäßiger eye test is worth it in the age

Vision problems do not often develop insidiously, so that many will notice, when the eyes get worse: "It is therefore a good idea to regularly by an optician to see if they are older, even if you feel that your eyesight &quot worse;, Johansson advises. Especially a reduced sensitivity to contrast, the people made to your reduced eyesight attention. Impaired visual acuity or visual field defects were noted, however, rare.

Men and women had the same glasses with the wrong prescription. 27 percent of the women had a cataract, in contrast to 19 percent of men. This was the most frequently observed ocular disease, followed by age-related macular degeneration (4.7 per cent), glaucoma (4.3%) and retinal changes due to Diabetes (1.4 percent).