Virologist Drosten remains as to Contagion by children

Virologist Drosten remains as to Contagion by children


In a revised version of his study on the infectivity of children in the corona-crisis, the research holds a team to the Berlin virologist Christian Drosten of its basic statement. There is no evidence to suggest that children in respect of Sars-CoV-2 are not as contagious as adults, is it in the updated Version of the study. It has not yet appeared in a peer-reviewed journal, but was published as a so-called Preprint.

A first draft of the investigation was published at the end of April, and had drawn criticism and sometimes violent clashes after. The statement already at the time: children carry a high virus load, such as adults and are therefore probably just as contagious. The researchers had been warned on the basis of these results prior to full Opening of schools and kindergartens in Germany. In the new version, it is stated: “The full Opening of these facilities should be carefully with the help of preventive and diagnostic Tests is monitored.”

Data from 3303 Sars-CoV-2-Infected analyzed

Criticism had been mainly on the statistical analysis of the data. The methods used were not suitable, according to scientists, among other things. However, the critics had pointed out later that such discussions in science are normal, and criticism of the method is not necessarily the result of questioning. Drosten admitted that the statistical methods had been rather coarse, and noted on the proposition of the study.

Click here to read the Preprint of the revised study by Christian Drosten and colleagues (in English)

In the new Version of the study, the comments there were for the statistical analysis of the first version are incorporated, from my point of view convincing,” says Christoph Rothe, a statistician from the University of Mannheim, at the request of the German press Agency, after a first review of the revised results. He was one of the researchers who had criticised the statistical methods used in the original analysis.

Communications Expert Beatrice Lugger

Drosten, Streeck and co.: "The uncertainty comes more from the policy than from the Wissenschaft"

The statisticians Dominik Liebl from the University of Bonn, had also with the first Version of the Drosten-study apart, writes on dpa request: the methodological part of The statistical analysis in the new Version has been improved from his point of view clearly. And Liebl adds: “the new Version of the Preprints will certainly continue to be discussed in science, and this is a good thing.”

In the presented Review, the Team has analyzed the data from a total of 3303 Sars-CoV-2-Infected. They found, therefore, in the case of 29 percent of primary-school children (0 to 6 years), with 37 percent of the children between 0 and 19 years, and 51 percent of the more than 20-Year-olds, a amount of virus for infection is probably sufficient. The differences between the groups could also be due to different application of the Tests to be due. “We conclude that a significant proportion of infected people in all age groups – bears, even among those with no or mild symptoms – a viral load, which probably means infectivity.”

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