The doctor is convinced that chemotherapy without side effects is possible

The doctor is convinced that chemotherapy without side effects is possible


Surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy or hormone therapy, the common treatment methods for cancer, which are unfortunately often associated with severe side effects. This must not be, says Ob / GYN Daniela Paepke, senior physician at Munich, Klinkum rechts der Isar. It relies on a combination of conventional medicine and alternative methods.

In 2011, Daniela Yes, it was the only gynaecologist in Germany, which used in the treatment of cancer on complementary forms of therapy from the anthroposophic medicine, naturopathy, homeopathy or nutritional medicine, all areas in which it is formed.

Times have changed, fortunately not very, says the senior physician at the women’s hospital Klinikum rechts der Isar, Munich, in an interview with FOCUS Online. Now she has symptom-free by the cancer therapy. Side effects with naturopathic therapies to effectively relieve (GU Ratgeber health) wrote a book on the topic.

FOCUS Online: wrap instead of pills, foot-bath instead of sleeping pills – do you want to replace the medicine?

Daniela Paepke: I want to. Complementary medicine is not an Alternative, I can’t treat breast cancer with mistletoe. I also need the school of medicine. I treat at the women’s clinic in Munich, almost exclusively women, who are suffering from cancer. Radiation therapy, chemotherapy or surgery are one of the pillars of cancer treatment. So far, it was time for the patients that you have to “by”. That’s over now, finally. The side effects can be alleviated by complementary medicine, and sometimes even overcome.

FOCUS Online: What is Complementary medicine?

Cedk: This is a collective term for a complementary therapeutic method for the relief of the symptoms of illness, and to promote the self-healing powers. It therapy are the methods of Anthroposophic medicine, classical homeopathy and natural remedies are in addition applied to the methods of tumor therapy. The supportive herbal remedies like mistletoe, external applications, and changes in life style. In the sense of a holistic healing is to strengthen the life and self – healing forces of the human being in all stages of the disease and to support.

FOCUS Online: What do you recommend, specifically, to relieve the side effects?

Cedk: What is the individual self in the Hand, movement and nutrition. We now know that the healthy diet and exercise can reduce the risk of relapse of up to 40 percent. No Sport in it, it helps to have a daily walk 10,000 steps. This helps against Fatigue (onerous exhaustion in connection with cancer diseases),and insomnia and is good for the heart. We advise to rhythmic diet, also known as the interval of fasting. So we have eaten it before all. Breakfast, lunch, evening, and on Saturday a piece of cake, and on Sunday meat. Today, there is cake every day, many between meals and too much alcohol. If someone is after the lunch, takes a piece of chocolate, it is not at all bad. The eternal Snacking in between, but it is not to be, because we have a permanent insulin secretion. In the case of rhythmic nutrition, the body regenerates, and the blood sugar level comes to rest. Apart from that, the people will be less thick.

FOCUS Online: What is next to exercise and diet important?

Cedk: The third building block, the Biological-Based CAMs. This is complementary medicine, i.e., medicinal plants such as the mistletoe, which will be used as a medicine, and the Anthroposophical of therapy. Other elements of homeopathy, tropical Kalendula to be Applied are, for example, to inflammation of the skin during radiation therapy to prevent, or acupuncture for pain relief and Nausea.

FOCUS Online: The mistletoe therapy is known in specialist circles as controversial…

Cedk: On mistletoe therapy, there are studies that the patient less to exhaustion, suffering, and sleep better. The working group Gynecological Oncology (AGO) allows to chemotherapy mistletoe therapy, the Cochrane analysis of 2008 showed that the patients have a better quality of life, and the mistletoe therapy has no interaction with the chemotherapy. Rather, the quality of life is improving. In addition, the immune system is stimulated. People are sleeping better, are durchwärmter, have more appetite. In the case of tumors, such as lung and pancreatic cancer, we know that patients are living longer, receiving mistletoe therapy. There are diseases, there caution is advised. To leukaemia or auto-immune such as Multiple sclerosis.

FOCUS Online: The study location could be better.

Cedk: To some people it’s never studies, because I can only be patient to interview. A liver wrap, I can’t authorize double-blind random. To evidence medicine, the experience of the Patient as well as randomized studies. This is only to forget again and again.

FOCUS Online: What is the role of time and money?

Yes, it is The time for a detailed medical history and regular discussions must be as a doctor. If it is not from the Budget for the colleagues or the hospital must pay the patient under circumstances similar to when you go to a naturopath. Then, however, must also agree the quality in the hospital. Who paid 160 Euro for a consultation, you can expect that the doctor has an Expertise.

FOCUS Online: Know Something about mistletoe therapy is not enough?

Cedk: no, that is not enough. In the case of complementary medicine, I’m looking at the people. I don’t need to see him, because only the recommendation of the tumour conference is enough. Holistic medicine is not pure on the Tumor medicine. I need to talk to in the course of the patient, to see how the Are is, where it falls short, how she sleeps, where the Cold areas are to the body, hot flushes, when and where you sweat. It is a much more detailed history, I observe what the effect of the administered drugs.

FOCUS Online: In the methods, it is not just about Supplement, but also about the Omission?

Cedk: In the case of cancer we make complementary medicine. But in terms of Menstruation, urinary tract infections, chest pain, hot flushes, we ask whether the complaints can be dealt with. Why in the case of a urinary tract infections not even a eucalyptus bubble wrap and Catharis comp. used to prescribe instead of an immediate antibiotic? If you can offer nothing else, then just antibiotic therapy. There is still little training at the universities in relation to complementary therapies.

FOCUS Online: do you Have other examples?

Cedk: I have a woman in the menopause with no hormone replacement therapy, can I use herbal remedies to work the hot flashes will go away and there is no increased risk for breast cancer. Or take sleep disorder. Often Valium is given. The power is dependent on the physiological sleep is disturbed. Instead, I can recommend Valerian or passion flower to be administered, a foot bath or a lavender wrap. So you can sleep. It may take a little longer, but the sleep is physiologically and Valerian is not addictive.

FOCUS Online: you Can complementary take medicine, the fear of chemotherapy?

Cedk: Even if it is for complementary medicine in chemotherapy a double-blind, randomized studies, there are data from epidemiological studies and patient surveys. Patients who have gone through our program to rate us on average with the score of 1.3. There’s a certain feel-good effect plays a role for sure, but if this effect people takes the fear of the side effects of Chemo, but we won very much. The chemotherapy is so well tolerated that some of my patients even during therapy, go to work, and without Fatigue, and Polyneuropathies (diseases of the nervous system) therapy to survive.

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