The actor from “Return of Mukhtar” died of cancer at the age of 27

The actor from “Return of Mukhtar” died of cancer at the age of 27


Became aware of the fact that after a hard fight with cancer has died the 27-year-old Ukrainian actor Taras Melnychuk. He played a number of roles in the Russian and Ukrainian television. A wide Russian audience Melnychuk is known for the filming of the popular TV series “Return of Mukhtar”.

In 2015, the actor was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia. The artist resisted serious illness to the last: he was treated in Israel and Belarus, asked for help in the treatment of the fans, friends and colleagues for help in treatment. The theatre, which served as Taras Melnychuk, repeatedly staged charity concerts, proceeds from which were transferred to the actor.

Alas, the treatment helped the actor only for a short time. 5 Dec sister Melnichuk reported in the social network that her brother urgently needed blood donations. Three days later, the actor died.

Taras Melnychuk graduated from Kyiv national University of theatre, cinema and television named after Karpenko-Kary, played on the stage of the Kyiv academic theatre of young spectator. From his film credits, in addition to “the return of Mukhtar”, also known role in the TV series “Dog,” “All coming back” and “First world”.

Acute myeloid leukemia is a malignant blood disease, accompanied by the uncontrolled reproduction of mutated white blood cells, decreased number of red blood cells, platelets, and normal white blood cells. Also aredconsult leukemia. Symptoms of acute myeloid leukemia appear immediately: a man complains of fatigue, loss of appetite, causeless temperature spikes, bruises, joint pain, susceptibility to SARS. The exact cause of the disease is unknown.