Six misconceptions around sickness certification

Six misconceptions around sickness certification


I need to drag me on the first day to the doctor and the sick-leave when the boss wants that?


Yes, this claim is allowed and the outcome of the current case law of the Federal labour court. If the employer is claiming the Sick leave from the first day, you must afford the employee the follow – up, even if it is not so stated expressly in the employment contract.


How much the deadline I submit the Sick leave with the employer?


Due to new technical possibilities, this is not a Problem usually, but Want to have available to the employer the Sick leave on the first day, you can for example, scan, and via smart phone or Mail.


Let me get my boss for appointments to the office, although I am on sick leave?


In principle, the following applies: The probative value of a certificate of incapacity for Work is unwavering. To have to accept that employers in General.


However, disease does not automatically equate with a complete inability to work. Individual cases must, if necessary, with lawyers clarified.


I need to be accessible for my boss?

My well-intentioned advice: turn off the Smartphone when you are on sick leave. You should have a rest during the sickness and back to health.

Let me send my boss home, when I drag myself to work sick?

Yes, definitely! He should comply with it, even to his duty of care. This is an essential duty of the employer to the employee.

I need a confirmation from the doctor if my child is sick and I have to stay home?

No, the medical certificate for the child is usually sufficient.