Shaving pimples – as you are the ugly pustules avoid

Shaving pimples – as you are the ugly pustules avoid


They burn, itch and don’t look nice – red pimples that form after hair removal. We tell you how you get rid of the pimples quickly and ensure that they never come back.

Shave the skin to make it nice and smooth. But often the opposite is the case. After shaving, small pustules, which are red and itch. Then, when the itching is eased, can ignite the so-called shaving pimples even right and fester, sometimes an abscess forms.

Cause of shaving pimples bacteria are

Because no matter whether the disturbing hairs are removed with a shaver, wax or epilator – always this procedure does not harm the skin. It is micro injuries occur. Through this tiny entry doors for bacteria to penetrate, which normally live on the skin can. There, they fulfill important tasks, under the skin, however, they lead to inflammation and pustules.

Problem Zone Is The Genital Area

Especially if the pubic hair will be shaved, sprouting pimples particularly strong. The Causes:

  • the skin is particularly sensitive, here
  • the warm and humid climate provides ideal growth conditions for bacteria
  • the tight-fitting underwear rubs the skin bacteria, in addition, in the irritated and increases the inflammation

Risk factors on and off

Shaving pimples are favored when longer hair is to be removed. If armpit or pubic hair for some time now, not shaved, you should be therefore, before shaving, first trim.

Another common error are blunt Blades. Who saves when Shaving and the Blade is little change in risk of pimples. Because dull Blades scraping over the skin, and hurt you much more than sharp.

Of course, you should be after shaving, no Deodorant on the treated skin, and also on sports without. This is because the salts in sweat irritate the skin.

Shaving pimples – avoid the 3 main tips

If you pay attention to these factors, the shaving properly prepared and applied, reduces the risk of shaving pimples significantly. It depends on the shaving method. Undisputed wet shaving is the easiest and usually the best tolerated.

Particularly useful are also:

  1. Before shaving: Clean the skin with warm water and a soap free washing lotion.

  2. While shaving: Use shaving foam or shaving gel for sensitive skin. You never had to shave against the grain, but always in the direction of hair growth. So the skin is less irritated.

  3. After shaving: Wash the skin with cold water. As a result, the pores close again quickly, and bacteria can not penetrate so easily. Apply a lotion or cream, with calming active ingredients, such as Aloe Vera.

Shaving pimples gently treat with witch hazel

Just when armpits, legs, or genital area are rare or even shaved for the first Time, can form still shaving pimples. Scrape and press brings nothing but aggravated the Whole. Better: The skin is disinfected and then a healing ointment to apply, for example, zinc, Hamamelis (witch hazel) or Panthenol contains. After a few days, the shaving pimples heal completely. Only then you are allowed to shave again.

Home remedies for razor pimples like potato flour, honey, curd wraps or St. John’s wort Oil are worth a try. However, you don’t work for everyone.

If you want to avoid on duration of shaving pimples, helps, but, in any case, to accustom the skin slowly to the shave. Who regularly removed the hair gently, and the risk factors to avoid, will always get less and later, not shaving pimples. Because the skin gets used to the procedure and accepted, usually after a habituation period of a few months. In normal skin, sensitive needs a little more time and more care during and after shaving.

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