Rush on respiratory protection masks – but you really need them?

Rush on respiratory protection masks – but you really need them?


In Asian countries, you are part of the road image, in Germany, they are in a public space, however, are rarely to see: The speech of respiratory protection masks. But in this country, the masks could occur more frequently in appearance. As the “Abendzeitung München” reported to be sold out of the masks in many of the Munich-based pharmacies. Also, a sample in a Hamburg pharmacy showed that respirators were not more to get. As a reason the seller called the increased demand for workers and travelers on ships, and the growing interest in protective measures against the Coronavirus. That masks are sold out at this time of year, was rather “unusual”.

A virologist on Coronavirus

"The disease is in a majority of cases easily, sometimes without even Symptome"

A spokesman for the Bavarian pharmacists ‘ Association confirmed the increased demand. It was also difficult to order at some of the wholesalers supply. Online Shops and report in part a sale. On a Portal it is said that the stocks were bought primarily by customers from the Asian space. Dust masks may not currently be shipped, and would be cancelled.

Late on Monday night, Bavarian authorities had reported a first Coronavirus case in Germany. This is a 33-year-old man from the district of Starnberg. He had previously inserted in the case of a Chinese colleague with the pathogen, and the worldwide more than 4500 people became ill and 100 died. The Foreign office warns since Tuesday before traveling in the Chinese province of Hubei. According to the Robert Koch-Institute, the risk to the health of people in Germany is still low. The ill Patient had been isolated.

Respiratory protection masks effectively protect against infection?

The Coronavirus is transmitted by a droplet infection, for example, when coughing,. Experts, such as the Hamburg virologist Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit, are skeptical as to whether the breath can prevent protective masks infection effectively. “A hundred percent protection, there are never,” said the virologist in conversation with the star. “Viruses can, for example, also via the mucous membrane of the eyes in the body, for example, if one is coughing of a Diseased directly.” Basically, the current Situation requires no further action.

He personally think the rush to the respirators, therefore, “exaggerated”, but stressed that this was a decision of the Individual. “Who has been with the masks a better feeling and a safe feeling, you can wear, that is also fine. Do not damage, per se.” It is important then only the mask is correctly set up, otherwise they have no Use. “That is to say: The mask over the nose and correct sealing at the face start.”

With a view to currently circulating flu viruses basic hygiene measures are useful. To do this, Regularly wash your hands, in the crook of one arm, coughing and sneezing of the Diseased and not by Hand touch the face,” says Schmidt-Chanasit counts: “.

Similarly, Bernd salzberger, Chairman of the German society for infectiology looks. “Personal protection at the moment is completely absurd,” said Salzberger, compared to the German press Agency. Surgical respirators are not to be in addition, actually, to protect against contagions made. It make sense to wear, for example, as a flu-sick, a mask to protect other people. “But the protection against infection from the outside is very, very bad with it,” said Salzberger.

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