Protection against cancer: Are statins a double effect?

Protection against cancer: Are statins a double effect?


Statins are drugs that protect against heart disease by lowering cholesterol levels. There is evidence that people who regularly take statins, benefit in two ways of growing: It seems that the drugs also protect against different types of cancer.

Long-term studies indicate that people who take statins suffer less often from prostate cancer, and after breast, colorectal, kidney or lung cancer diagnosis live longer than people who are not taking statins.

A similar observation Prof. Chiara Melloni from North Carolina, who presented at the annual meeting of the American Heart Association data from 29.498 colorectal cancer patients did, If they had taken at the time of diagnosis statins, then they had to die compared to those with no income in the follow-up examination five years later, a lower General mortality and a 38 percent reduction in risk of colon cancer.

Better protection against cancer than from cardiovascular diseases?

It was especially noticeable that statins protect in the study, even better, prior to the death due to colorectal cancer than a heart attack or stroke: The intake of a statin reduced the risk for a heart attack by nine percent and of stroke by 23 percent. "The preliminary results, that statins survival advantage for the total of colorectal cancer patients können&quot have to confirm;, concluded Melloni.

Experts assume that the positive can be justified a side effect of the operation of the statins: The drugs block an enzyme called HMG-CoA, which is required by the body to produce cholesterol. The enzyme plays but also in the growth cycle of cells, so that the Blockade may be also the growth of cancer cells is inhibited. Whether this theory is true, must be clarified in further experiments and clinical studies.