Previously unpublished Figures show, as is often the case in Germany really is tested

Previously unpublished Figures show, as is often the case in Germany really is tested


How many people have been tested in Germany already on the Coronavirus, is difficult to say – especially since the number changes daily. But there are definitely more than 167,000 people*. As the German hospital society (DKG) announced this Thursday, on request, have been tested up to the end of last week in the 148 laboratories 167.009 samples, of which 6540 were positive. According to the DKG is the total number of the outpatient and the inpatient sector since the first Test at the beginning of the crisis. From the current numbers of cases, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) are now 10.999 laboratory diagnosis of cases (19 confirmed. March 2020).

More than 1.5 million Coronavirus Tests sent

Alone in the outpatient area between the 9 were. 15. March carried out according to the latest Figures of the cash-medical Federal Union (KBV) more than 100,000 Tests. In the week before it was $ 35,000. In the previous time, there is no fast evaluations were made. The world health organization (WHO) had called on the States at the beginning of the week, to increase the number of Tests in the fight against the Coronavirus significantly. “Test, test, test. You can’t fight a fire with a blindfold. And we will not be able to stop this pandemic if we know who is infected,” said WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus on Monday in Geneva. Nearly 1.5 million Tests has sent the WHO in 120 countries.


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In Germany there are, according to a spokesman for the professional Association of German laboratory physicians (BDL) 350 outpatient laboratories and 1400 in hospitals. According to estimates, can perform of which, in the meantime, about 250 a Test to SARS-CoV-2 – and there are more every day. Among other things, because in Germany is not only the industrial Tests were possible. Under strict conditions laboratories for their own needs, could produce self-Tests. “We are on a good way. The capacity will increase, also due to newly established centres. Meanwhile, every day about 30,000 Tests can be carried out,” said the BDL speaker. The KBV spoke before a week of approximately 12,000.

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Currently, there is no centralized database of WHO to Covid-19-Tests and many countries do not publish official reports. The page “Our World in Data” collects approximate estimates, and database results. Consequently, Italy has carried out about 148.657 Tests (status: 17 Dec. March 2020), the US 41.552 and Norway 18.062 (both: 16. March 2020). The available data show that South Korea, with 286.716 (status: 17 Dec. March 2020) has been studied in a much more samples than any other country. The low test coverage of the United States is even more apparent when one takes into account the large population of the country. Many smaller countries were able to perform, according to the data, more Tests per Million people. Per capita, the number of Tests in the United States is more than 40 times lower than in South Korea.

“Test capacities are finite”

Who will be tested, to decide in Germany currently, the clinics and family doctors. They are based on the recommendations of the RKI. As a “reasonable suspicion” applies, therefore, who had contact with a confirmed Covid-19-case or within the last 14 days in a RKI-called risk area has been and symptoms, such as fever, hoarseness, cough or shortness of breath has. All the Doctors are at the decision of their responsibility to the Well-being of each patient aware of the stresses Klaus Greppmeir, managing Director of the Virchowbunds, Association of Physicians in Germany. “But at the moment, the population must develop an understanding that the health system is in emergency mode and comprehensible, patients may fulfill desires on a testing, it is not in every case and immediately.”

Dr. Andreas alleys, Chairman of the Board of the Association of Shi physicians (KBV), holds mass testing for medically appropriate. Moreover, it would strain the personnel resources and then, under circumstances, in fact, bottlenecks. “The test of capacity in Germany is very large, but, nevertheless, of course, finally,” said streets. Crucial for testing should be the medical indication. “We ask for your understanding of the citizens, that not everyone is tested, the wish for this.” Greppmeir emphasized that to curb the pandemic, other factors played a much more important role than in the Tests, such as quick medical treatments of severe forms of the disease, and the government adopted restrictive measures. “The testing itself does not prevent infection, but the containment strategy by hygiene measures, social distance and Isolation.”

* The number of completed COVID-19-testing is not automatically the same as the people tested, because it can happen that data need due to false-negative results more than a Test. It is, however, very similar.

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