Plexiglas boxes and mask obligation on the beach: As the summer in Italy might look like

Plexiglas boxes and mask obligation on the beach: As the summer in Italy might look like


The summer is the Italians, sacred. Especially in August, the of life heat’s due almost exclusively to the sea. Also we Germans appreciate Pizza, Pasta and Gelato on the beach – just like hundreds of thousands of other tourists, the rinsing of the country every year, millions in the coffers.

The Coronavirus that has been rampant so far, but still fiercely in Italy, although the Trend in Infection rates and deaths are slowly pointing in a positive direction. Under these circumstances, even on vacation? Yes, find government and business, and have now hired first Considerations as to how a summer could be on the sea in times of Corona-like appearance.

Plexiglass boxes are the solution?

Sunbathing behind plexiglass: So Claudio Ferrari before the summer of 2020, Italy’s beaches. Actually, the entrepreneurs from Modena in the ceramic Business operates, has expanded his business since the Corona-crisis, however, protection against the Virus. His idea was that tourists and Locals can holiday in spite of the pandemic on the sea, to risk on the beach special Plexiglas boxes, in which families, couples but also single people can stay without infection. The newspaper “La Repubblica” revealed Ferrari some of his visualizations.

2 meters high and 4.5 meters long on each side of the Box is supposed to be, on one side there should be a 1.5-metre-wide access. “In our opinion, it can work,” said Ferrari of the newspaper.

Mauro Vanni, President of the seaside Association, Rimini Sud, and thinks of nothing: “Everyone who knows the beach tourism, knows very well that it is impossible to close a Person in a Plexiglas box under the summer sun when it’s 40 degrees,” he told the news Agency ANSA.

Hans-Ulrich Jörges

Italy and Spain on the brink – when, if not now, should we help them?

Mask obligation on the beach

Elsewhere, there are Considerations, such as a beach holiday could be like in the times of Corona. Mauro Della Valle, the head of the umbrella Association of the Italian seaside resorts, told the news site “Il Fatto Quotidiano”, he could imagine, for example, fixed duration-rental of sun umbrellas. And: “as soon As you move away from his screen, wear a mask,” says Della Valle. But also blood testing and self-certification would not be possible to ensure that only healthy people go to the beaches.

His colleague, Mario Gangi of the resorts in the entire Lazio region, said, “Il Fatto Quotidiano”, he could think of to reserve the resorts of “a limited number of hours in the Morning for the elderly and at-risk groups”.

Beach managers in the public sections

The Problem with all the Considerations that Such measures could only be in the seaside resorts, the so-called Balneari, implemented – separated sections of the beach where there are deck chairs and sun loungers to rent umbrellas for a fee.

The free public sections of beach without a table and the chairs can go in each. In Emiglia-Romagna, you consider therefore, special “beach Manager” to use. According to ANSA, this should be “not a COP, the imposed sanctions”, but to advise a “calming a Person with the task to review the compliance with the rules and guests.” Around Rimini, there are also Considerations to install at the entrances to the beaches disinfection tunnel or cables, which radiate regularly disinfecting liquid.

Doctors rates of beach visit

A summer without beach tourism would have for the economically already beleaguered Italy, with devastating consequences. According to the National Association of medium-sized enterprises (CNA), a reduction in tourism revenue in the first half of the year 2020, probably by an estimated 73 percent. The mayor of Positano, on the popular Amalfi coast had already been a dramatic appeal to the government: “If the tourism starts again and the state will not help us, risked Positano, the insolvency, there are no other possibilities.”

"We and Corona"

Editor-In-Chief Florian Gless: "It’s like the Kriegsberichterstattung"

The Problem seems to be in the policy is detected. The under-Secretary of state for culture, Lorenza Bonaccorsi, was already clear: “We will go in this summer to the sea. We are working to make this possible.”

Mario Schiavina, Ex-Director of the departments of pneumology and respiratory intensive care medicine at the Policlinico Sant’orsola in Bologna, was alarmed by this statement. “Planning a beach holiday this summer, you can forget it.” The risk was simply too great: “This Virus has an exceptional risk of Infection.” The smallest gathering of people, the epidemic threatens to explode again, “” says Schiavina.

EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen advised only a few days ago to start thinking about the summer holiday: “Wait with the Book. So far, no one can make reliable predictions.”

Sure, only one seems to have yet actually to be: A normal summer it is not.

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