Only a means of help against hair loss

Only a means of help against hair loss


The hair fall out in clumps, you should go to the skin doctor

About a hundred hairs we lose every day, this is quite normal and no cause for concern. Hair by the bunches remain in the brush hanging or falling out over a longer period plenty of, then it may be abnormal hair loss.

Against the bare blow on the head, many agents promise a remedy. But really helpful, only few of them are. Stiftung Warentest has for the over-the-counter preparations under the microscope and evaluated. The sobering result: Without restriction of no active ingredient, is recommended. The most likely products to help with Minoxidil. In the medium with 17-alpha-Estradiol are suitable only for very limited cases, where the therapeutic efficacy is not proven.

Read on the following pages, which agents consider to be a Tester for suitable and which are rather suitable to a limited extent.

With limitation suitable

Active Ingredient Minoxidil

What is the effect of the active ingredient?

The mechanism of action of Minoxidil in hair loss is not precisely known. May be the root of the hair will be better supplied with blood. It is also conceivable that the formation of new blood vessels is promoted, making them more permeable and more growth factors in the tissue. Both will also benefit the growth of the hair root. In clinical studies, it was observed that the hair improved and grew.

Women to speak according to these results, better on the drug, you lower amounts are enough to Minoxidil. The funding comes primarily into question, if the hair loss is due to an Excess of male sex hormones (androgens) or the hair follicles responding to these sensitive.

Minoxidil may slow the loss of hair, so a bald head is formed only delayed and stimulates hair growth. A cosmetically acceptable result is found, however, only about 10 to 20 of 100 patients. The agent is omitted, the hair loss continued unabated. A long-term treatment (periods of more than one year) in the absence of meaningful data. Therefore, Minoxidil is suitable for hair loss with the restriction.

What are the risks and side effects are there?

In about one out of a hundred Dealt with the skin at the point at which the agent has been applied, itching, dandruff, redden, or inflame. Minoxidil can have a possibly detrimental effect on the heart and circulatory system, what treatment is, in particular, in the case of a long-time significant. If the agent lowers blood pressure and chest pain, dizziness, feeling of weakness may occur, or the heart beats faster, the treatment should be discontinued. Up to one out of 1000 Treated in other parts of the body can make more and more hair (for example in the face). If you stop using the medium, disappearance of the hairs.

When should not be taken?

Minoxidil should not be used in men only between the ages of 18 and 49 years of age. For women, the funds may be used from the age of 18 – however, do not use during pregnancy or lactation.

Minoxidil is also used as a blood pressure lowering agent. If you applied already and have not tolerated, you should not use it as a hair tonic. Minoxidil should not be used in hair loss applied, is not due to hormonal.

Preparation example:

Little suitable

Active substance 17-alpha-Estradiol

What is the effect of the active ingredient?

17-alpha-Estradiol, is one of the Estrogens, but acts only very weakly hormonally. It the enzyme 5-alpha-inhibits rather, reductase. Through this, the more active dihydrotestosterone is created from the male sex hormone testosterone. This is for men and women alike and can hinder the roots of the hair on the hair and thus, hair loss promote. It is not formed in the first place, because 17-alpha blocks Estradiol, this could also grow back more hair.

So far, the therapeutic efficacy of 17-alpha-Estradiol for hair loss is not proven but sufficient. The products containing this active ingredient are therefore not very suitable. Conceivable your application is to be stabilised, possibly in both men and women, in which a hormonally induced (androgenetic) hair loss.

What are the risks and side effects are there?

The alcohol content in the hair water can cause the head skin reddens and burns. If the skin is reddened, itches and blisters on the skin, react you are probably allergic to the medium. Then you should stop it.

When should not be taken?

In children and adolescents up to 18 years, you should not use the means. Also, Pregnant and Nursing women should avoid it.

Preparation examples:

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