Of Germany most prominent disease detective Christian Drosten of the Coronavirus on the track

Of Germany most prominent disease detective Christian Drosten of the Coronavirus on the track


For Christian Drosten, there are full days: A “rat-race” he’s behind, using the bike from appointment to appointment in ministries and Senate administrations in Berlin, said of the virologist last week, the TV station NDR. Since the reading stay the latest studies something on the track. The Expertise of the big, gaunt man with the curly hair is still in demand as never before in view of the Covid-19-pandemic: As a specialist for emerging infectious diseases, he has become one of the most visible heads in the Coronavirus crisis.

At press conferences he sits on the Podium with Jens Spahn, the Federal Minister of health. He is a guest in talk shows. Speaks with Newspapers, tweets and comments since the end of February a detailed description of each business day in the Podcast “Coronavirus-Update” in the NDR. The virologist is patiently waiting for the latest developments and issues from the everyday life. The father of a two and a half year-old son explains, in layman’s terms, and unexcited, but he glossed over nothing. Much of it is too complex for two sets, the Format gives him back the time. And to appeal to reason.

The magazine “der Spiegel” called Drosten recently, “top man among the plague to nd ctitious”, the “daily mirror” spoke of the “most influential doctor” in the country. There are users in social media that refer to him as their “hero”.

Christian Drosten in science for years in this area

In fact, Drosten know in the Moment as well as few other scientists in Germany, of which he speaks. He was in 2003, at the time, the Bernhard Institute for tropical medicine (medical establishment has treated you) in Hamburg yet, one of the discoverers of the Sars-Coronavirus, a close relative of the current pandemic pathogen Sars-CoV-2. A quick diagnostic test system developed for this purpose Drosten with. For these services, in 2005 – at the age of 32 years, the Federal cross of merit. Under Drostens line also Tests for Zika and Mers originated later, according to the Charité. This January, presented its working group on the first Test for the novel Coronavirus.


The enlightenment: Christian Drosten was the most important man in Germany

The Coronavirus has made the virologist Christian Drosten of the most sought-after man in the Republic. And to be a Star. Who is this man? And what makes him so special?

For Drosten does not seem to arise from his Knowledge and from his independent Position at the Charité, a responsibility, to leave the field in the gravity of the situation self-appointed experts. Even if that means to be much in the headlines, to get hate comments and personal Details.

It leaves an impression when Drosten says that he, for example, in pubs due to possibly poorly flushed glasses virus! to attack, for years, just a bottle of beer. Or that his father and his colleagues in the rural areas would not have recognized the risk to themselves yet – but they should not be better at a festival.

Drosten grew up on a farm in the Emsland region. Medicine he studied in Frankfurt am Main. After his time at the medical establishment has treated you, he was the 2007 Director of the Institute for Virology of the University of Bonn, since 2017 is he at the Charité. The renowned Berlin University hospital is a pillow “sure no gentle rest, but a place where you have to move something, but also can and must,” he once said in an Interview. As the virologist did not suspect, probably, to what extent.

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