Nicotine can cause pulmonary hypertension

Nicotine can cause pulmonary hypertension


Cigarette is a main disease Smoking is a risk factor for cardiovascular and pulmonary. US researchers have now found a further reason: The inhaled nicotine – no matter whether from traditional or E-cigarettes – increases the blood pressure in the lungs.

Mice in which, through Inhalation of nicotine, the consumption of cigarettes or E-cigarettes has been imitated, had already after a week a higher blood pressure than previously. This increase declined again, after the animals had gotten used to the nicotine. After eight weeks of nicotine-Inhalation had increased, however, the right ventricle of the animals, and their walls were thickened. This was caused by changes in small blood vessels in the lungs, in the walls of muscle cells installed were. As a result, the resistance of the lung increased arterioles, so that the right ventricle had to build up more pressure and work harder to the lung is sufficient to bleed through.

E-cigarettes are gefäa year

That cigarettes are harmful, people should be familiar with. E-cigarettes are, however, often seen as a more benign Alternative. "There is a frightening Trend towards the use of E-cigarettes and vaporizer products in adolescents and young Erwachsenen", study author and physiologist Prof. Dr. Jason Gardner of the LSU Health New Orleans School of Medicine says.

The current study show clearly the adverse effects of nicotine – which is also included in many E-cigarettes on the heart, the blood pressure of the body and the lungs. "This study aims to contribute to schärfen&quot awareness of the adverse effects of nicotine inhalation on the heart-lung System;, so Gardner.