New remedy for Migrne

New remedy for Migrne


Für head pain sufferers, there is hope: A new drug approval. It is especially in the prevention of Migräne help. However, which patients benefit from therapy?

Drilling head pain robs Migräne-patients some Lebensqualität. to prevent Erenumab The drug attacks

Days, the the head rest are für people with Migräne is a blessing: no Drilling, no Häinhibitors and not a rap in the Schädel. No Ünausea, no vomiting and also not miss the sensation of light and Lärm. People with chronic Migräne are particularly strong. You will spend at least the Hähalf of the month with head pain. Well verträdaily preventive medications are für these patients is particularly important. For a Long time, researchers and pharmaceutical companies are looking for such means.

In may, the Europ&auml has;­of Arzneimittelbehörde is a new PräCouncil approval is recommended. It heißt Erenumab and people with a monthly minimum of four Migr&auml can;netagen be prescribed. The patients inject it themselves ein­once in a month under the skin. Erenumab blocked the Signal from the Nerve neurotransmitter CGRP, a major cause of Migräne. Three more substances that inhibit CGRP directly, köcould be added soon. The following graph erklärt their operating principle.

As the messenger-Blockade in the head works

The trigeminal nerve (yellow) plays an important role in Migräne. Are involved in the Central node and its nerves to the Blutgefäßthe Hirnhaut 

The cause of the meninges

The nerve endings release a lot of CGRP. The neurotransmitter docks at receptors on the Blutgefäßen. This entzüto the and swell. 

Therapy effect on the Hirnhaut 

Antiköthe body attach to CGRP or its Receptor on the Blut­gefäßen. Their condition is normalized. The Entzü- making sounds. 

Cause in the trigeminal node

CGRP from a nerve cell binds to the receptors of another cell. It sends the Signal to the Hirn­the root, which increases the sensation of pain.

Therapy effect in the node

Antiköbody dock to CGRP or its Receptor. There is no Si&shy arises;signal more für the brain stem. The sensation of pain returns to normal.

CGRP-Antiköbody bow down to the Migräne specifically in front of

Professor Hartmut Göbel, head of the pain clinic in Kiel, believes that the forthcoming admission of a großen step vorwärts, "for the first time, there are medications that Migräne-specific vorbeugen". So far dafür äcertificate prescribed means to do this only by the way. For example, the Anti­epileptic drug topiramate or the Anti­depressant amitriptyline. Both act on the Central nervous system and köcan about Stimmungsverächanges, Gedächtnis­einbußen and Müspeed cause. "All of these side effects can be observed in the CGRP-Antiköantibodies nicht", G&ouml says;bel.

Äsimilar to Professor Martin Marziniak, Vizepr&auml judge;President of the German Migräne and Kopfschmerz­society, and ergänzt: "Fewer headache days, the Kräto mobilize RTD and participating in life again." However, CGRP-Antik&ouml have;body only an overall modest effect. All in all, the number of headache days is halved to only 30 to 50 percent of the Treated. Some patients do not benefit from the therapy. However, some of these will g&auml by almost or even;breeding migränefrei. So the conclusion of all previously existing studies with the four studied inhibitors. Thus, they act not better than the verfülist of available medications for the prevention of Migräne.

Whom the new treatment does not bring something and to whom

People with the not-too-strong-suffering is in any case recommended to swallow only attacks a drug: a painkiller, or a specific Migränemittel from the class of triptans. However, dümay be used this medicine for a maximum of ten days per month. Reason: to hästage use is their effect into its opposite. You can then cause a headache, rather than to bäcomplete. Therefore, the &auml recommend;medical guidelines in case of serious and especially chronic Migräne medication for prevention.

What is the significance of CGRP-Antiköthe body will take, is not yet geklärt. Für you is that you act quickly and außhe pain at the injection site and grippeäsimilar symptoms cause in a part of the Treated hardly any side effects. However, many questions remain open: for instance, whether the duration of therapy erhöhte risks für heart and brain attacks, and whether the treatment für people with Gefäßdiseases is safe. 

If you are really less unerwüwanted effects than previous drugs, you know, if CGRP-­Antiköbody über läfor a long time by many patients be used. It länot vorher&shy sst;say, who is the new mid. Marziniak: "It will be our task, the patient to be filtered out, the most profi­animals." The new therapies are only für a few of the Affected eligible – also, because of the high costs of probably a few Thousand Euro jäannually per Treated.

These measures will help against migraine attacks

Mostly the headache attacks come again and again. However, there are effective remedy for the complaints.

Avoid typical Kopfschmerzauslöser

Stress, lack of sleep, certain foods , or the change in the weather: Many Einflüsse provoke attacks. The Auslöser will vary from person to person. A pain diary helps you aufzuspüren. On our website can you find a Vor­able to Print and Ausfücases.

Who his Migräne knows, the Auslöser redu­adorn or avoid. Also the doctor helps the pain diary to be a suitable therapy to find , and your success später to überprüfen.

Adjust your habits

Often it helps make his life a little new to jus­animals. A regulated daily routine with enough sleep and a little Stress prepares against Migräne-attacks. Who relaxation techniques are learned and diligently practiced, reduces his Stress levels.

Also, moderate endurance sports and a regelmäßige, balanced Ernäcurrency impact in many people as a preventive measure. It is important to sufficiently Flüreliability . You ­should food avoid, the Migräne-attacks auslösen köcan, about a long time Stored as Käse or ham.

Bekäthey fight attacks from the beginning

In the not-too-häsingle-stage Migräne rates Ädoctors to means to alleviate the beginning of the end of attacks or stop. The complaints are easy, gen&uuml are;the gene for the pain, such as with the active ingredients Ibuprofen, Naproxen, Paracetamol, Acetyl­salicylsäacid or Diclofenac.

Against heavy attacks, so-called triptans are usually the medium of choice. In any case, should a doctor the therapy setting, even if a lot of painkillers without a prescription erhäavailable. The properties and side effects of the medication berät the pharmacist.

Bend hartnäckiger Migräne

Physicians recommend the medikamentöse prophylaxis only if substances against acute attacks, the complaints do not sufficiently relieve. To the bow is provided with various means in question, for example, an anti-epileptic drug, an anti-depressant or beta blocker.

Depending on the accompanying disease of a patient, the appropriate Pr&auml is;the Council of Europe für him ausgewählt. Come soon, so-called CGRP-Antiköbody . Overall, however, they seem no better than the already verfülist of available drugs.

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