Less bloating substances in spite of more ballast

Less bloating substances in spite of more ballast


A fiber-rich diet is healthy, but it has a drawback: some people bring bloating with. Researchers from Baltimore have looked at the Problem in more detail and found that there is more to flatulence, if the fiber-rich diet is combined with protein-containing foods.

Results of a new study suggest that people, the fuel feed ballast rich, have less to fight with flatulence, if the diet is total carbohydrate. Who substances, however, in addition to plenty of fiber to take a lot of protein, and has flatulence with a 40% higher probability.

It is generally accepted that fiber-rich stimulate the diets of certain intestinal bacterial species, the dietary fiber benefits and as a by-product of Gas production. The results of the current study suggest that the change in the bacteria population in the gut in addition to by existing macro-nutrients such as carbohydrates and proteins. "It is possible that in this study, the high-protein Version of the diet is causing more flatulence, because the composition of Multiple more Positive veränderte", speculated Prof. Dr. Noel Mueller.

In the case of carbohydrates, the risk is für Blähungen low

Who wants to take more fiber, but to fight with the bloating has gone, so could try to replace proteins by carbohydrates, the healthy intent fails due to hot air.

Actually, the scientists wanted to investigate how macro nutrients affect the risk for heart disease. It showed that a diet lowered with a lot of vegetable protein and fat the blood pressure in the most effective and the cholesterol levels improved. In the study, 164 people with high blood pressure.