In the evening, not pull back

In the evening, not pull back


A diary study of the Leibniz Institute for work research shows: For relaxation after a hard day of work, it is better in the evening not to screw the house to withdraw, but pleasant activities that provide distraction.

The daily work has a lot of challenges: whether it be to concentrate in the office, to cope with difficult tasks, or to be always friendly in dealing with customers. The current study shows that such a strenuous day’s work directly affects the well-being in leisure in the evening. From exhaustion activities, however frequently used the recovery. The author of the study, Lilian Gombert from the Leibniz Institute for work research at the Technical University of Dortmund, explains why this is awkward: "If you just go out in the evening a Hobby, sports, or friends, puts in the work, Witnessed in the Background. The creates after a busy day of work, the required open spaces for recreation."

The survey results showed that 68 percent of all employees are working on during their work day requests from customers, and 31 percent need to regularly check your emotions. Many workers hope to be able to in the holidays from the efforts to recover. The study suggests, however, that it is better, the exhaustion after work, in the short term by consciously switching Off and recovery balance. The employer agreed rules in dealing with the accessibility via E-Mail and phone in the evening could be helpful.

In the study, 86 people took part, which made it to ten consecutive days of twice-daily information about your work load, your well-being and how well you in the evening were able to turn it off.