If the Bundestag rejects the contradiction solution, but the Alternative is not a solution

If the Bundestag rejects the contradiction solution, but the Alternative is not a solution


I’ve seen two men implanted a new heart. I was, as a young woman, the organs were removed. I spoke with a father who lost his two children in a car accident and whose son donated his organs. I have used over weeks and months of my profession as a journalist to learn so much about the organ donation, as it appeared to me possible. This results in a great Online story was created, among other things.

I have just updated the article. Since today, the idea of a consistent solution for the First story. A majority in the Bundestag has decided that only one body can be donor who has said ” Yes ” or whose members say Yes.

Is that good or bad?

To me, it should not be hard to give an answer, with all what I have learned through my research. But it is hard for me. Because organ donation is a topic that is becoming more and more complicated, the more you know about it.

"The Spende"

The last gift of a man who had no Chance — a Stranger but a gives

This is not due to the organ donation scandals of the past few years. It is good when something like this comes out. But it would be wrong, if so wide mistrust and a widespread sense of insecurity could prevail. I got to know the System. Have seen how thoroughly the Doctors work. See how many of these control mechanisms. I stood in the glassed-in room in the Dutch city of Leiden will be distributed in the organs by computer algorithms in the receiver. It is impossible to find a perfect System, if you select is forced due to the shortage of organs, whom to save and whom not. It will eventually give back to people who break the rules. But that’s why you should not condemn the System. It is the System and its improved control instances that have been found in recent years was the error finally.

To me, it is difficult to assess the new law, because I know that this topic is not a good solution. We people, however, want a good solution. And we often find those politicians at the best, they promise us. On the subject of organ donation, I would mistrust that presents me with a simple solution.

The contradiction solution is often dubbed as “easy” and “good”. You will be praised for your clarity: Who does not say explicitly no, is an organ donor. Finished. Like it is said then, something understand, finally, each, and then each dealt finally with the question.

I see it differently. In the solution proposal of the Minister of health, Jens Spahn, the complicated but important sentence: “The next of kin is from the doctor, the make of the Organ or tissue sampling is (…) is to ask only about whether a written objection or to an Organ or tissue removal is of the will of the potential Organ or tissue donor, contrary to well – known. Further Investigations are not the responsibility of the doctor.”

I want to donate my brain death organs? An answer to this question was “reasonable,” says stareditor Dominik Stawski.

Who can not talk about his desire – or talk – would be donor

He means the following: If I would suffer brain death, and I had said no to organ donation card and never with my wife about my attitude to organ donation, then you would have to say in this Situation, only that she knew nothing of a contrary intention. I would donor organ, although I would have never said Yes to it. This is the Central Problem I have with the opposition is the solution. In the case of people who are alone, have no family, would be the risk that they would not donors, although they wanted to, considerably. This is the operate of organs, something so personal and intimate as can be. So I’m glad that the majority of the Federal Parliament voted today against the opposition of a solution.

Debate about organ donation

The heart surgeon has an organ donor card, the medical bioethicist. Both have good reasons

To me the Writing of these lines, but also so hard, because I, for example, a heart good, but at the heart of the sick man have accompanied for a report that had to wait so long and so weak was that he himself could not save the transplant. He also died because of the shortage of organs, and with him went a lot of joy out of this world.

I want these people to be saved. That is why it is good that already last year a law was adopted to improve conditions for organ donation in the hospitals. She was in the hospital everyday so far, only a minor thing. I was there as a heart surgeon rushed late in the evening to a removal of organs, as he already had a day in the SURGERY. The night he worked voluntarily, the next morning, he had to stand again in the OP.

I don’t want something like that is necessary. We need new laws, but those that let the citizens decide for himself, whether he donates or not. Now I sound like the Green party politician Anna Lena Baerbock, as a supporter of the so-called decision solution, as it is to apply after the decision in the Bundestag today, still in Germany. Every citizen is free, a card download and Yes-or-no tick. The only Problem is that it will make all of them. Today, it was decided that we will now be regularly asked to the office, for example, when we apply for a passport. It should now be more “possible”, – stated in the text of the new law that we decide.

The decision solution – a misnomer

For me, it is a misnomer to refer to this as a “decision solution”. Because I don’t have to decide Yes, I can continue to do nothing. I don’t think it will change a lot if me in the office someone a couple of sheets of Information presented with the request to watch and to leave a entry in a new tab make. A few years ago there was something Similar, namely, enlightenment, letters from the health insurance companies. I don’t know how much tonnes of paper waste they had to follow.

I am convinced that the solution between these two proposals lies. That it is in fact a duty should be, to decide. The German ethics Council, a panel of scientists, including lawyers, ethicists and physicians, who advise the policy, discussed such an idea a few years ago. The question came up how to wants the so-called “statement duty” to enforce.

I’m not an administrative or constitutional lawyer, but I hope that it can be, for example, applying for a passport agree. For a presentation I would have asked how tall I am, what colour my eyes are. I must even submit to a biometric photograph, because the community of States says that you can to ensure, for example, of airports, the security, and, in extreme cases, lives. A mandatory Yes or no to organ donation could save lives – but bringing clarity to what the person wants. I think it’s reasonable to demand an answer.

I now carry a card with me. Have Yes checked. But just as well a no would be. My wife is glad that she knows. Because it can burden the Conscience, when the question of the Doctors comes, and you don’t know the answer, the last will of his relatives.

The father who lost his two children in the car accident, told me: “If I had not known the will of my son, I know how I would have decided.”

His name is Heiner Röschert. His son Felix has saved with his organs to four people. And he has taken his decision for a ” Yes ” during the lifetime of his father in the worst hours of a piece of load.

Heiner Röschert is committed to today for organ donation. His ultimate goal: He wants the people to set. Yes or no.

And he, too, believes that Without the obligation of decision-making it is not.

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