How Meghan Markle Used Her Baby Shower Flowers for a Charitable Cause

How Meghan Markle Used Her Baby Shower Flowers for a Charitable Cause


Meghan Markle is known for her generosity and charitable nature among many other things. Just recently, the Duchess of Sussex was welcomed back to the United States with an intimate $500k baby shower that was exclusively attended by 15 of Markle’s closest friends. While she was there, Meghan got many beautiful gifts that she couldn’t throw away or bring home. She was showered with colorful bouquets that she could have taken along with her to Britain, but she decided to do a noble thing with them.

Meghan contacted Repeat Roses, a company that recycles beautiful flower arrangements, to reuse her baby shower flowers for a charitable cause. The company made good use for the Duchess’ gift and even thanked her for her generosity. Repeat Roses shared details about Markle’s flower rearrangement to the public which means that they must have received permission to reveal Meghan Markle’s charitable act to the public.

The remodeled beautiful bouquets found their ways into Ronald McDonald House Charities of New York.   The flowers became a ray of sunshine to those were in pain and suffering. Many of them smiled for the first time after a long time when they found out that gifts were from Meghan Markle herself.

Repeat Roses did justice to the assignment by showing viewers how the interior of the penthouse sitting room looked like with the incredible décor. Meghan got two mandarin trees that cost $140 each before her big day. She also got pink peonies, white poppies, purple and red tulips, roses, yellow lilies, and rhododendrons.

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