Household cleaning with gentle products

Household cleaning with gentle products


Cleanliness is considered a virtue – however, you should not have to strain the health. What cleaning agents are suitable, and which überflücasual are

Not üexaggerate: Für the Brush in the budget range of gloves and a handful of cleaning agents

Maybe Brush makes many people more Spaß, than you admit. The obvious conclusion is, if you look at how many cleaning products are used. According to the latest Figures from the industry Association Köthe body care and detergent consume the Germans per year 638 000 Tons Of Glass, Abrasives, Power-, Equipment-, Oven-, Bathroom-, Küchen and other cleaners.

Toilet cleaner in the drinking water

But what is the apartment to the radiation, also has a second page. "Almost everything that we use while Cleaning, it ends up in the wastewater. And what is the KläRS not k&ouml filter out;can, ultimately comes back in the Wasserkreislauf", Marcus guest from the German Federal environment Agency says. Most of the surfactants in cleaning products are now vollstäfully biodegradable. Other ingredients like fragrance or dyes köcan, however, persist in the environment and in plants accumulate.

How verträthe Gro&szlig possible;pure f&uuml make;r health and the environment, the consumer usually. A first step: lösen from the cliché "A lot of viel&quot helps;. Cleaning agents are often concentrates and köcan therefore be used much more economical. Of advertising promises of many special products such as "extra powerful Reinigung" or "ultra strong against any Schmutz" you should also not hide, rates Verbraucherschübackers.

The nü- Four

Four simple cleaning agent genügene: a neutral all-purpose cleaner, a Handspülmittel, a cleaner with Zitronensäure, as well as scouring powder. Disinfectants and special anti-bacterial detergent or cleaning agent in the household only in Ausnahmefäcases to be useful.

Tips füthe healthy household cleaning

These products range:

  • Gloves schüthe skin will appreciate to Häand under arms
  • Neutral all-purpose cleaner für Fußböthe window and most of the Oberflächen
  • Scouring powder helps in hartnäckigem dirt
  • Cleaner with Zitronensäure against lime deposits in Kükitchen, bathroom or toilet. This is gentle to the fittings as, for example, Essigsäure
  • Handspülmittel can also be the all-purpose cleaner replace

When shopping on the europä­of Ecolabel respects, the eco-friendly products, features, must üby the way, in terms of cleanliness, no sacrifices to make. Expert Marcus guest: "Für the Label müshot provide the manufacturer with an extensive proof that your cleaning service with other cleaning products is comparable."

With the right strategy can save

Cleaning agent in addition, with the right strategy while Brushing save, erklärt guest: "Cleaning is always an Interplay of time, temperature, chemistry, and Mechanics." The chemist Herbert sense, for a long time in a senior Position at a Laundry detergent manufacturer tätig, had the four parameters für cleaning and washing success for the first time in a pie chart zusammengeführt. The "Zinner Kreis" States simplified: Für a good cleaning result müthe four factors are not ergäcoins – no matter whether it’s about Geschirrspülen, or the bathroom cleaning.

Anyone who wants to reduce the proportion of the chemical, needs to spend more elsewhere. More time cleaning means länger act. Or more Mechanics. Intense Scrubbing with Büfirst or Mikrofasertüchern removes dirt also.

Hardships für the lungs

Rethinking the Clean up is worth it in the long – also für your own health. A große europäof study has currently show that Brushing can hit the lungs. Thus, the lung function of the study participants, the regelm&auml was;ßig or professionally cleaned, after 20 years geschwächt. "The effect of a year-long Cleaning für the lungs äsimilar was like after 10 to 20 years of heavy Smoking, and then we knew so far nicht", the main author of the study, &Oslash says;is a Svanes of the Universität Bergen in Norway.

The scientists suspect that the fine mist of the cleaning agent, the Schäthe cause. "They will be distributed as Sprays in the air, köyou could tatsäespecially in the sensitive respiratory gelangen", Dr. Herbert Desel, expert f&uuml says;r poisonings at the Federal Institute für risk assessment.

The Inhalation of cleaning agents is unintentional. In ordnungsgemäßem use, however, so in the Wisch­water or on the cloth, hardly a danger of the products. Serious problems occur especially when cleaning products, Tabs, or cleaning powder are not properly stored. Under the Call, which are recorded in the Poison centres in Germany, about ten percent of plaster or detergents. Medium-heavy life-threatening Fälle are rare. "In Einzelfäcases, such as in children or patients with dementia, köhowever, severe poisoning auftreten", Desel says.

Tödifferent Housewives cocktail

Some products are safer today than frü. In the 1980s, there were always gefäannual Vorfälle. If you acid toilet cleaner, the urine of stone lösen should, with chlorine-containing cleaners mixed with pleasure, was set elemental chlorine-free. The accidentally mixed "Hausfrauencocktails" in the toilet t&ouml sometimes caused;lethal Unfälle.

"Today, manufacturers of chlorine set containing household cleaners, so much Pufferlösung in that the means is no longer in the Ausmaß respond, if you werden&quot mixed in accidentally, but;, Desel says. Since chlorine-containing cleaning agents, however, respiratory and Schleimhäute irritate köcan, one should avoid you. Here, too, &ndash is; as almost always when Cleaning – the simple message: Less is more.

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