He died of Covid-19: Hamburg fire Department mourns the loss of a comrade

He died of Covid-19: Hamburg fire Department mourns the loss of a comrade


For the first time since the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2, a German, died of the consequences of the infection. The death of the 60-Year-old from the Hamburg fire brigade deep dismay. Because of the Ill was one of their comrades, as a spokesman for the health authority of the Hanseatic city, the star confirmed.

The officers of the professional fire brigade is reported to be at 22. February holiday to Egypt travelled. After matching media, he was to report on Friday with a fever in a hospital in the seaside resort of Hurghada and is there passed away on Sunday. A Test for Corona was previously positive.

Where did the infection with the Coronavirus?

The man lived to the East of Hamburg in the circle Duchy Lauenburg, in Schleswig-Holstein. The wife had been informed of the death of her husband, and was in home quarantine and supervision, the spokesman said further. Whether the Couple has children, is not known.

Coronavirus in Germany

What is there? – Corona and the consequences

Because of its relationship with Corona, the police station had to be in Lauenburg temporarily closed, because two officers had contact with the widow. The police officers went, according to the competent police Directorate of Ratzeburg also in home quarantine, the police have been disinfected guard.

Where and when the fireman has been infected with the Coronavirus, is completely unclear. The health authorities in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein are in contact with the competent Authorities in Egypt and try to identify the contact persons of the deceased in this country and whose travel route in Egypt. You will also work with the Robert-Koch-Institute.

Hamburg firefighters mourn colleague

The 60-Year-old had worked according to the health authority for approximately 35 years with the Hamburg fire Department – according to information from multiple media in the Hanseatic city last in the human resources Department at the main fire station Berliner Tor in the city centre. The former colleagues of the firefighter were informed about the death of comrades. In the staff rule a “great consternation”, reported the North German radio. The Deceased was a “friendly, open-minded and committed colleague”, who had made his life in the service of the fire brigade, quoted by the “Hamburger Abendblatt” a colleague. Whether firefighters need to be in home quarantine or other measures are needed, has not yet been clarified.


Protection against the Corona effect: This Places most people forget to wash the hands

In Germany the Robert-Koch-have not been reported to the Institute show that up to Monday morning, 1112 infections with the Cornavirus, deaths in Germany so far. The 60-Year-old is the first confirmed Dead as a result of a Coronavirus infection on the African continent. In Egypt, the authorities have registered, according to the world health organization, up to Sunday, a total of 48 cases. The country is not regarded as a risk area, there are no specific travel advice for Egypt by the Foreign office.

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