Hard-Drinking Russians? The once was. Why is Russia the thirst passes on vodka

Hard-Drinking Russians? The once was. Why is Russia the thirst passes on vodka


For decades, Russia as a Nation with the biggest alcohol problem and an extremely high mortality rate due to alcoholism. But a new study by the world health organization (WHO) to certify the vodka Nation now massive progress in the fight against alcohol. The consumption had declined from 2003 to 2016 by 43 percent, said the WHO on Tuesday. At the same time, the life expectancy increased dramatically – from only 57 years for men in 1994 to 68 years and for women 78 years.

“We are destroying a stereotype of Russia”, – said the WHO expert Carina Ferreira-Borges, the German press Agency. Therefore, Russians drank 2016 only 11.7 litres of alcohol per capita per year. For comparison: In Germany there were according to WHO data, up 13.4 liters. Is meant, respectively, of pure alcohol. Half a Liter of beer contains about 20 grams of alcohol. The Russians drink mostly prefer the harder stuff like vodka.

Higher taxes and prohibition of the Sale

For years the Russian policy speaks of Successes in the fight against alcohol. There is a minimum price on alcohol, higher taxes, a night ban on the sale and strict requirements for the advertising. In addition, the long as a food traded beer is classified in 2013 as the alcohol. But the WHO study is the first independent verification to ensure that the achievements – as well as the occasional critics doubted – are detectable.

As a co-author of the study, Ferreira has collected Borges tons of records from 28 years of age and matched. “It all fits together,” she said. Russia could well serve as a model for other countries.

According to the WHO, Europe is dying, far each year, approximately one Million people of the consequences of alcohol consumption, many at a young age. In terms of area the largest country in the world, the booze is often a deadly Problem. Again and again it comes to mass poisoning with adulterated or industrial alcohol. By the end of 2016 and beginning of 2017, more than 70 people in the city of Irkutsk in Siberia died because they had taken an alcohol-containing Bath to itself.

Also Russian experts who are skeptical of official statistics and to the many self-burner refer to a sometimes, that really is something better in the vodka Empire. The new WHO study, not to certify to the authorities last progress in the fight against the illegal production.

Putin as a pioneer

Not only President Vladimir Putin, but also his officials preach a healthy life style. The sport is a friend of Putin is a Judoka and the hockey players – in this respect is the complete opposite of his often in a frenzy, shuffling its predecessor, Boris Yeltsin. The Kremlin chief, the high mortality rates in Russia – among others by tobacco and road traffic accidents is especially troubling – for a long time to Worry.

Especially in the chaotic, Hunger and poverty-dominated 1990s, hundreds of thousands died in the addiction of the Russians to the consequences of the trunk. At that time, the consumption of alcohol rose after the collapse of the Soviet Union in men of 34 liters per year – the equivalent of about 340 half-litre bottles of vodka, almost one per day.

Also because of the demographic problem, the policy saw itself forced to take Action – against the resistance of the powerful alcohol Lobby. Unlike earlier, the government no longer sets, but, today, brutal methods. Unforgettable is about an Anti-alcohol-is-campaign to the Soviet head of state Mikhail Gorbachev in the 1980s.

Alcohol banned in public places

Today, there is a “quiet campaign” that was probably the most successful of the Russian history, said the priest Tikhon Schewkunow of the newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. Drinking in Parks and public places, was prohibited by the Chairman of the Board of the national authority for the regulation of the alcohol market praised. In supermarkets – also to the delight of the WHO, in the meantime, every bottle in the sale in an electronic System separately for the tracking to be detected.

The WHO experts stressed also that the Russian values were more to the highest in Europe. Nevertheless, the achievements to date could be an incentive for other countries, the WHO plan of action in the fight against the dangerous consumption of alcohol and connect. Mainly to price increases, the WHO swears. But not just that.

Ferreira-Borges brings it to the simple formula: “the greater the policy to implement the alcohol control, the steeper the decrease in mortality.” Also the example of Russia shows, therefore, that there was in history, a On and. The researcher hopes that the policy takes further steps. For quite some time, it is planned, for example, the age limit for higher spirits in Russia to 21 years up. This is primarily intended to reduce the mortality in young drinkers more.

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