Good Reasons for quitting

Good Reasons for quitting


"F&ouml Smoking;sociability, promotes is cool, tastes good, gehört for beer just dazu" and so on. Smokers have their Gründe für the handle to the cigarette. The Gründe für the exit are better.

Who Smoking aufhört, you can only win:

The health and Fitness

Möas long möas possible healthy life: Who does not want to? With smoke but the effect is the opposite. Lung cancer, cancer of the Mundhöhle, of the larynx and the Luftröhre arise in a number of Fäcases through the smoke. Of many other cancer &ndash forms; Stomach, Intestines, Liver, Bauchspeicheldrüse, kidney, urinary bladder, breast, Gebäcellses neck – smokers are also significantly häsingle-stage affected. "The more you smoke, the früit has begun, and the läViking remains, the höthe Krebserkrankungsrisiko&quot increases;, Dr. Ute Mons says, the at the German cancer research center (DKFZ) in Heidelberg, the office of Krebsprävention. Who smokes, has a höheres risk für heart disease, heart attack, stroke, arterial occlusive disease – about the "Raucherbein".

Stopping Smoking brings quick positive effect: After a few days you can smell better and taste. Two to three weeks after the exit Circulation and lung function improve, it is so fast out of breath. According to DKFZ köcan light smokers (to 10 cigarettes per day) within a few years, ihr  Risk of stroke to the level of lowering Never-smokers. Heavy smokers can reach at least the Level of a light smoker. The risk für lung cancer, and other forms of cancer drops significantly. Ten years of abstinence halve the risk of dying of lung cancer, reports the American Heart Association.

Life time

Smoking eats up life time: Mämen who smoke more than ten cigarettes per day, verküshorten your life expectancy, statistically to ten years gegenüabout non-smokers, according to the German cancer society. In women beträgt the Unterschied  seven years. Through the withdrawal from Smoking can be erh&ouml his life expectancy again;hen. How much you win, hängt also from the exit point: According to a study at the Center for Global Health Research in Toronto, smokers between the ages of 25 and 34 years aufh&ouml win;ren,  statistically again in ten years; up to 44. The age of nine years. The exit to the 54. Years of age still means a profit of six years-time life.


"Every adult smokers weiß, that tobacco consumption is not good, neither to him nor to the people in his Umgebung", Professor Dr. Anil Batra, head of the section f&uuml says;r addiction medicine and addiction research at the Universitäclinic Tübingen. Many hätten guilty about it. "The short-term relief that the cigarette provides you with, but darüber". The stästrongest motive, with the Smoking aufzuhören, the health, says the expert für Raucherentwörebellion. A disease, the advice of the doctor, the illness of a close Person to deliver the occasion to finally do something. "Many smokers who come to us in the therapy, standing in the middle of life. You have smoked since their youth, that health is not guaranteed is Good, and now want to nachsteuern", Batra is reported. Smoking aufzuhören, be a große challenge. "After a short time, but füthe Affected feel relieved that you are proud of your success and experience the abstinence as a newfound Lebensqualität. "


Even if the advertising suggests otherwise: "Smoking is the opposite of Freiheit", Mons says. "A Großpart of the Smoking abh&auml is;regardless of their nicotine and shows classic signs of an addictive disorder." Some köno longer could even imagine without cigarettes, the everyday work to überstehen: you need the regelmäßowned smoke breaks to relieve Stress. "What is not Affected is clear: you only relieve your Entzugserscheinungen", expert Mons stresses. Life would be planned around the cigarette around. There are in the Workshop genügend opportunity für a smoke break? To book Hotel rooms for smokers? "The smoke will stop as a liberation from such Zwängen erlebt", says researcher Seeks Batra of the University hospital of Tübingen, which is also a Smoking clinic. In retrospect, the Ex smokers find it absurd the amount of effort you have operated: in the night to the gas station race, in the strömenden rain the nänext-functioning cigarette vending machines are looking for in Eiseskälte on the balcony, and much more.


Fold star around the lips, Tränensäcke, cheeks, furrows, a gräulich-pale complexion – the skin of smokers ages much faster than that of non-smokers: tobacco consumption accelerates the degradation of collagen and Elastin, the skin loses Elastizität. The Blutgefäße are narrowed, the skin bleeds worse. Researchers at the Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, ließthe Porträts of 79 monozygotic twin pairs between the ages of 18 and 79 years rate, of which only one smoked. Your optical age apart was in part more than ten years. Through the smoke stop läthe premature aging sst brakes, and also hair, Nägel, Zäteeth and gums to recover from the effects of the pollutants, the Finnish cancer society, very vividly in your interactive "Tobacco Body"-Campaign (


Who Smoking aufhört proves Verantwortungsgefühl – in pregnancy für the unborn child, für itself and the people in his surroundings, which are exposed to passive Smoking, avoidable health risks. In particular, children suffer. Researchers at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory about warn that young children in Smoking households is equal to twice gefährdet Smoking: passive, but also by the poisonous nicotine deposits on Wallpaper, curtains, carpets and Möbeloberflächen, the you at the Crawling üabout skin, breathing, and mouth to absorb köcan.

Time and money für schöne of the things

The enjoyment of a cigarette takes about fünf minutes. In the case of ten cigarettes a day, the time, effort f&uuml adds up;r the smoke breaks of 50 minutes per day. Who aufhört wins per year 304 hours: fürs read, go for a walk, Müßiggang, für the family, Hobbies, sports. "The smoke stop provides opportunity for other behaviors to be positive verändern", Mons says. The money fürs Fitness-Studio is then to loose it all-as Measured by the daily consumption of ten cigarettes – the Stück, approximately 30 cents – the Rauchstopp&nbsp brings; more than 1000 euros in savings per year.