Editorial videos to folders

Editorial videos to folders


Each issue of the apotheken Umschau küto completed editor-in-chief Dr. Hans Haltmeier in a short Video. Here you will find the Videos of the last editions

Depending on the topic, time indoors, time in nature: Dr. Hans Haltmeier in front of the camera

The magazine pharmacies Umschau appears twice a month. You can get it in many pharmacies, each from 1. and from the age of 15. of the month. Each issue enthält a topic-focus, which influenced the design of the title image. In the following video, the editor-in-chief to the corresponding output a short Einfüintroduction to the main topic:

Folder from 1. December 2018

Main topic "Healthy Rücken" – What you with gentle means k&ouml do;can


Other topics: Reform für überfüfilled emergency rooms Berufsunfäability insurance help for dry eyes dialysis Herbal help in Völlegefühl check list für visit to the doctor Hype ums Kokosöl job series: PTA Christmas conflicts Immergr&uuml avoid;ne plants Sing Küartificial intelligence in the diagnosis of antibiotic Allergy? Vital mineral salt gifts für the Schöbeauty make-up brush customer Delicious advent brunch break from the Christmas hustle and bustle



Book from 15. November 2018

Focus on the topic of irritable bowel – Sufferers are plagued by digestive problems. Ädoctors to the question, what is causing these symptoms and what Maßtook help however


Other topics: pharmaceutical manufacturing: globalization of risks of New therapies for the sleep apnea medicine für the heart (part 3) Kieferschäthe prevention, Teeth schüetching causes für dryness of Delirium risk after SURGERY to reduce Healthy New health card, breast reconstruction after breast cancer iron storage disease H&auml be divorced without antibiotic;mochromatose Aggression: Gefäannual source of strength to deal with incidental findings short-sightedness is on the rise Maniküre für perfect Nägel skin care with Öl recipes für Weihnachtspläkitten tips für Spa holidays


Folder from 1. November 2018

Topic "Robot as Pfleger" – To help you in the care of sick people?


Other topics: Depression in Mämen discharge management X – and O-legs surgery for gall stones Fast cough free Portable Messgeräte remedy for heart attack and Herzschwäche drugs, and driving safety eyes suffer unstable cornea Gefädangerous carbon monoxide, sick Pets, life elixir of light will help wool as a home remedy Huntington’s disease therapy research acoustic against cancer Alleskömen enzymes cosmetics in kücooler weather-Make up für trübe days of cooking recipes für seasonal Herbstgenüsse Städtereisen in the world



Book from 15. October 2018

In the title theme of the current issue, it’s about the heart – Like medications procedure life despite state of the art surgical rescue and Lebensqualität secure


Other topics: blood donation, against payment? Bladder Cancer Ankylosing Menière hoarseness Training in bad weather is Not afraid of the Röhre biologics joint pain prescription menstrual period to Mimic tea self-experiments in the medicine micro plastic hair care Fruity baking recipes Küartist places



Folder from 1. October 2018

Focus on the topic of atopic dermatitis – Like skin and Psyche influence, and what treatment helps


Other topics: runny nose over-the-counter pain relievers For high blood pressure even constipation doctor’s letter measure life with congenital heart disease, mushroom poisoning Schamgefühl in the care Üreview for many medications health price How plants Böthe detoxify immune therapy against cancer handwriting Hepatitis Slim and Toned New salads, Hiking on paths along the irrigation channels