Eczema: help by Antibodies

Eczema: help by Antibodies


When Dr. Ralph von Kiedrowski über speaks of a new agent against neurodermatitis, and then he used a großit is word for word: Revolution. Dupilumab heißt the Antiköbody ingredient that the Secretary of the professional Association of Derma­to­lied to SchwäRMS brings. Recently, the drug is approved. 

Of Kiedrowski was involved with his contract company to the manufacturer-funded study concerning the authorisation of Dupilumab fürigidity. The authors write, there is still need for further research nötig, in order to assess the long-term efficacy and the side effects of the therapy. Nevertheless, fäfrom the llt, the judgment is so positive that it is the American and the europäof Zulassungsbehörde überzeugte: Dupilumab eased in comparison to a Placebo, the symptoms of Neuroder­mitis significantly, däfought skin rash and itching, as well as Ängstlichkeit and depression. Of Kiedrowski &quot emphasized: ;In the case of serious Krankheitsverlächeck this is a real breakthrough."

Dupilumab: a Good effect in one third of patients

New therapies of the skin suffering are tatsäactually asked. The research has for many years brought little that is New, the standard therapy, no adjustment. It consists, in addition to special skin care, especially from cortisone, and occasionally other drugs – all of which means, its side effects, especially in long term use is not unterschäare appreciate. 

Now the hopes of the Haut&auml rest;doctors on Dupilumab. A äsimilar active ingredient köcould be added soon. He has just completed the second of three phases of study and must endg&uuml now;valid evidence. Both substances should be better verträresembled his than cortisone, and still be effective.

Professor Andreas Wollenberg from the Universitäclinic MüMunich is of Dupilumab üassured. "It improves the Lebensqualität of the patients erheblich", he says. Wollenberg berät the manufacturer company and hält fee Vorträge für you. He also was involved in the pivotal study. The &Auml had;doctors the active ingredient üabout four months regelmäßig in the stomach of patients injected. At one-third eczema and itching vollst&auml disappeared in this time;fully or almost vollstäfully. In most of the remaining patients, the symptoms at least clearer zur&uuml went;ck as a Place­bo treatment.

Monoclonal Antiköbody stüyou gain only to specific antigens

How is this possible? Dupilumab is a so-called monoclonal Antiköbody. Antiköthe body are proteins that our immune system response to foreign substances such as pathogens or Fremdköthe body produces. To such antigens unschäSouth. According to the same principle working in the laboratory her­asked Antiköbody; monoclonal heißen, if you are extremely specialized, i.e. only on certain antigens stüshorten. Thus, they seem more targeted than other means.  

Dupilumab hemme ausschließa part of the immune system, in the case of neurodermatitis patients überaktiv, says Wollenberg, and especially the cytokine Interleukin 4. So däit spasms the Ent­zün­dungs­response. The drug, however, has its price. How much of this will be in Europe, verrät, the manufacturer still not. In the United States, the j&auml add up;annual treatment costs per Patient on 37 000 US dollars. Therefore, the new funds will remain heavy Fäcases reserved.

Hope for improvement in the case of severe eczema

In the case of milder forms of eczema it comes to good skin care, which consistently needs to be applied. Then often a long complaint-free phases möpossible. Also Dupilumab is not free of unerwüyou want to side effects. According to the manufacturer, it came with at least one percent of the Pa­to skin patients reactions at the site of injection, Entzüinventions of the eyes and Augen­eyelids, swelling or Herpesblä. 

Eczema especially children are affected, but also three percent of the Erwach­senen. You verläthe disease is uft often particularly difficult and causes significant suffering. "These patients köcan now reasonable hope of improvement machen", says von Kiedrowski.