Diarrhea medications: What to do?

Diarrhea medications: What to do?


Diarrhea gehört to the hämost common side effects of medicines. Among other things, antibiotics, blood pressure lowering drugs and Metformin are in disrepute. What helps?

Unpleasant Side Effect: Digestive Problems

With seven percent of the case top rider in the side-effect statistics of medicinal products. "Meanwhile, more than 700 active ingredients are known, the case auslösen können", Professor Ralf Stahlmann from the Institute f&uuml says;r Clinical pharmacology and toxicology at the Charité in Berlin. 

To zäh&auml miss very;frequently prescribed medications such as antibiotics, Magensäureblocker, blood pressure-lowering, and Diabetes. But also in some non-prescription medicines the unpleasant side effect may occur, for example, in the case of magnesium-containing MineralstoffpräPat or resources against heartburn.

Unerwüdesired effect is dosisabhäregardless

"If a Patient for the first time, under unclear Durchfäcases suffering should &uuml the pharmacist, therefore, the drugs;berprüfen – especially if the medication recently geächanged wurde", the Hagen owner of a Pharmacy, Friedrich Wassermann says. Often the Problem after R&uuml let;cksprache with the doctor: medication can be changed, dosages adjusted.

"As with everything in pharmacology, such effects dosisabh&auml are;ngig", expert steel man says. The challenge is to find the right dosage so that the Patient has an effect verspüre, without suffering from side effects. Some funds, such as the antidiabetic agent Metformin, are better verträpossible, if the dose slowly erhöht.

The mechanisms üabout the drugs Durchfälle auslösen, are complex and very different (see clickable bark graphics). So köcan medication the movements of the stomach-intestine-stimulate muscles, and the Passage of the chyme to accelerate. May have diarrhea, Kräspasms, and abdominal pain are the consequences.

So köcan medication cause diarrhea

Stomach acid

Acid blockers such as omeprazole begüother infectious-related cases, because they inhibit the production of disinfecting the stomach acid.

Nervous system

Anti-dementia drugs such as Donepezil and Rivastigmine stimulate the part of the autonomic nervous system, which stimulates digestion.

Intestinal mucosa

Many cancer drugs, but also of the blood pressure medication Olmesartan can here to entzüfinal changes führen.

Intestinal flora

Antibiotics damage the intestinal bacteria, causing diarrhoea pathogens spread. Also, the anti-diabetic drug, Metformin, alters their composition.

Chair texture

Abfüfood increase the water content of the stool; the weight loss agent Orlistat, increases its fat content. Both can cause diarrhea.


Prokinetika such as metoclopramide increase the movements of the gastro-intestinal muscles and speed up the Passage of the chyme.

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Antibiotics attack also healthy intestinal flora

Usually hängen effects and side effects closely. The Best Known Of Antibiotics. You not only make pathogens of the ­Finishing off, but köcan those germs in the intestine schäin the important tasks of the digestive and immune system erfücases.

"Although the natünatural intestinal flora recovers after a few weeks, suffering many patients wäduring or shortly after a Antibiotika­therapy Durchfall", pharmacologist steel man says. Whether or not probiotics with living intestinal bacteria, the prevention köcan, is controversial. Steel man: "There are no studies that prove this clearly." 

Most antibiotic-related complaints are easily and vorütemporarily; only in rare Fäcases, you are ­gefädangerous. This happens especially when the intestinal flora is so strong geschädamaged, the pathogen Clostridium difficile in the intestine from spreading. It causes long-lasting, strong Durchfälle. Many patients müin the clinic, the Köbody threatens because of the Flüthe reliability of loss on drying. 

Diarrhea due to reduced Magensäure or stimulating digestion

So-called proton pump blockers, the Magensäacid inhibit, begüother infektiös conditional Durchfälle. Pharmacist Aquarius: "Since less keimtötende Magensäure is produced, propagated, pathogens in the intestines and fülead to a bacterial bug colonization."

Some of the medication against dementia (Anti-dementia drugs) activate the parasympathetic nervous system – the part of the autonomic nervous system, the an­their für the excitation of the digestive zustäfully. So erhöthe funds are made available to the Konzentra­tion of certain neurotransmitters in the brain of the patient, but at the same time, digestion and ver­ur­things Ünausea, vomiting and Durchfälle. Usually a &Auml creates;change in the dose of a remedy. 

Auslöser für diarrhea with Metformin, and Olmesartan ungeklärt

In the case of some drugs schließuniform, experts do not know why they cause diarrhea. For example, in the case of Metformin, for many years approved anti-diabetic drug. A 2015 in the Fach­magazine Nature veröpublished study indicates that the Präthe Council of Europe the composition of the intestinal flora verächanged and the settlement of E. coli föpromotes. "We also suspect that Met­formin in the metabolism of neurotransmitters such as Serotonin eingreift", steel man says.

Also ungeklärt is the side effect of the hypertension drug Olmesartan. It causes chronic Durchfälle, which are apparently due to the immunologically and only a few patients. Since the complaints only after months or years occur long taking, it is often believed there is no connection with the Product. 

"A medication analysis köwe can pharmacist to Lösung to the problem beitragen", Aquarius says. Will switched the Patient to another blood pressure lowering drug, verschwäthe complaints in the rule. As Aquarius is stressed, you should medication but never eigenmäpowerful stopping, and the dose only after Rücksprache with the doctor, and reduce. 

Cause of the diarrhea by a doctor abklären let

Durchfälle mümust always be in a timely manner abgekläbe rt, especially in the case of äolder people or when they first occur, and additional symptoms such as blood in the stool, weight loss, fever, bad General condition, or a change of diarrhea and constipation. Of a self-treatment diarrhea-inflammatory drugs rät pharmacologist steel man: "Then there is the risk that the cause of the complaints is veiled." 

Drugs are just one of the many möcauses, balanced by the case. Zunäfirst, müsse of the doctor, therefore, infections, Unverträvenues of food, but especially bömalicious or entzüsensitive bowel disease ausschließen.

Help in acute Durchfall  

The hämost common cause of acute diarrhea infections are gastro-intestinal. Für adults there are, however, prescription-free remedies from the drugstore: loperamide inhibits the movements of the intestinal muscles, Racecadotril reduces the release of water and electrolytes into the intestinal interior.

Whether or not probiotics with live intestinal bacteria or yeast fungi to help, is not clearly demonstrated. Also für vegetable and tannin – diarrhea agent as well as medical coal are not available aussagekräbusy studies. 

Especially important is a sufficient Fl&uuml is;reliability of supply with a glucose-containing Elektrolytlösungit in an appropriate composition in the pharmacy. No improvement occurs after two days, consult a physician in case of fever and bloody Durchfäcases immediately.

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