Corona-infection rate rises above the critical value of 1

Corona-infection rate rises above the critical value of 1


The rates of Infection with the new Coronavirus has risen in Germany, according to information from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) about the critical brand 1. The so-called reproduction number spent with data 9. May 0:00 at 1.10, such as the RKI in the Saturday evening post situation report. The value indicates, how many more people infects a of Infected in the cut. The RKI has repeatedly stressed, in order to let the epidemic is abating, it would be necessary to the reproduction number below 1.

On Wednesday, the RKI was given the value of 0.65. Since then, the reproduction number was increased steadily.

RKI: increase can not yet be assessed

The Institute, however, announced more: Because of the statistical fluctuations that would be reinforced by the overall reduction in Numbers, could not yet be assessed whether the during the last few weeks, declining Trend of new infections continue or there is a rise in case numbers.


A second wave of Infection could come – then the question is: Can we in Sweden?

“The increase in the estimated R-value makes it necessary to observe the development in the next few days very closely,” writes the RKI.

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RKI: Corona-infection rate rises above the critical value of 1

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