Atropine eye drops brakes short-sightedness

Atropine eye drops brakes short-sightedness


Myopia begins in most cases from an early age and promotes eye diseases later in life. Eye drops with low-dose atropine can stop this process, as experts of the German Ophthalmological society (DOG) reports.

Atropine is actually a potent substance that plants in the nightshade as belladonna occurs. The substance can also slow down short-sightedness, is already known for over 100 years. "Because of their side effects – Glare and near vision disorder – atropine drops for this purpose, but were hardly verordnet", Professor Dr. med reported. Wolf Lagrèze from the Department of ophthalmology at the University hospital of Freiburg.

But that has changed: Two Asian meta-analyses and a large-scale randomized clinical study demonstrate that the administration of atropine eye drops in a low concentration of 0.01 percent the progression of short-sightedness be able to brake in children by up to 50 percent and at the same time well tolerated. "Light glare sensitivity and near vision disorder return form in addition, in the case of Stopping completely, so that no damage entsteht", adds Lagrèze. Since the publication of the studies, the application of low-dose atropine eye drops have set the world very quickly, and was also used in Germany for the past few years by many eye doctors in clinics and practices.

Every evening one drop per eye

For the atropine-therapy for children between the ages of six to 14 years in question, in which the increasing short-sightedness per year to a minimum of half a Diopter. "The parents in the evening before going to bed, each a drop in each Auge", explains Lagrèze. Involuntary blink ensures a good distribution of the active ingredient. "The importance of a drop preparation without Konservierungsmittel&quot is;, the eye doctor stresses. In addition, the optometrist must advise the parents that, in this treatment, a so-called Off-Label Use is – speak to a use, for it is tightness in short-still no official approval. "After two years of therapy, duration of eye doctor decides whether the treatment sollte&quot to be continued;, says Lagrèze.

"Short-sightedness is diseases in addition to the age is the main risk factor for serious eye, such as glaucoma and cataracts, or retinal detachment, so it is very desirable, the progression of the verlangsamen&quot short-sightedness in the Phase of their birth;, Professor Dr. med explains. Claus Cursiefen, President of the DOG. "In addition, the following applies: the earlier the myopia starts, the short, the stronger your degree in the adulthood be &ndash is; another reason for an early Intervention", adds Cursiefen.

Currently, a treatment study in Germany is in preparation, to check whether the atropine-concept unfolds in a non-Asian Population, has a similar effect. For this study, the German research Foundation (DFG) has set the end of 2018 funding available.



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