Allergic to shellfish, crustaceans and molluscs

Allergic to shellfish, crustaceans and molluscs


Crabs, clams, shrimp and other seafood not useful to everyone. Allergic to these products can lead to serious problems.

Allergic reactionof the body occurs in the most unexpected stimuli. Pollen, fruits, vegetables, household dust, alcohol, paper, the list is endless.

It is known that the immune system reacts mainly on proteins that can be allergens. Rarely are allergens and other Bioorganic compounds, as haptens, substances in connection with certain molecules in the human body become true allergens. Speaking of protein, I can not remember about the most protein-rich foods seafood and freshwater inhabitants, but rather about shellfish Allergy which is not the most rare.

Crustaceans are one of the most frequently consumed marine products, especially in the Western countries and some Eastern Maritime States. Increasing the consumption of crustaceans and in our country, so allergies this kind of products is also steadily will increase. Most often used in food shrimp, crayfish, crabs and lobsters. Also among the seafood on the shelves of our stores you can find mussels, oysters and squid, which actually do not belong to the crustaceans and molluscs are.

Allergic to shellfish this is a classic lgE-mediated food Allergy. lgE is an immunoglobulin of class E, which is the allergic antibody upon contact of the body with substances that cause allergies.

The most important allergen, which is found in the human body when consuming shellfish protein tropomyosin. Noted that this protein is the reason 80% of cases of Allergy to shrimp. Another allergen is an enzyme argininemia, which is present in tiger shrimp.

Found that 75% of Allergy sufferers who have a hypersensitivity to one of the species of crustaceans, and are allergic to shellfish. The reason is that these representatives of marine fauna are very similar proteins. So if you have an Allergy to crawfish, shrimp and other crustaceans, it is likely that your body will also react to oysters, calamari and mussels.

Effects from taking Allergy shellfish can be very different. Most often it is an allergic reaction in the oral cavity, gastrointestinal tract and on the skin as hives. There may be swelling of the lips, tongue and throat accompanied by itching. In some cases, the effect is more dramatic with the development of anaphylactic shock are: dyspnea, sudden drop in blood pressure until death.

It is worth considering the fact that Allergy to crustaceans (like any other kind of food Allergy) may occur not only due to the use of the product inside. The cause of the hypersensitivity may be the smell. So, stay away from places where boiled crawfish, and serves a variety of crustaceans. Substances with water vapor to penetrate to the lungs and cause an allergic reaction.

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Fortunately, allergic to shellfish, it is not everyday misery and suffering. You can avoid contact with allergens, so your body has not experienced a lot of trouble. So anything that you can advise the person with an Allergy to shellfish, this exclusion from your diet of crawfish and all of his relatives.

In this regard, especially should be careful when buying ready meals, in particular, if there is seafood. In restaurants with Japanese, Mediterranean and kitchen South-East Asia, carefully study the menu, and it is desirable to warn the waiter about your problem.

Readers ‘ questions Good evening. Looking for help or advice 18 October 2013, 17:25 Good evening. Looking for help or advice. I have allergies, is expressed not so much in the lesions on the skin, as in constant itching of the whole body. Saved only by the drug Ketotifen, which is used at night. Day itching is not a strong, but at night, when the stop is in motion itching palpable. Without Ketotifen can’t sleep. I have an Allergy to the food. Practical for all, but mostly to those that have vitamin C. I have Allergies from birth, but after consuming drugs. First, as a child I was injected with a flu Hemoglobulin, and more. I started a small Allergy. A couple of years gave Cicloferon, again from the flu. Then I in the evening after a walk came home and went to pee in the toilet, horrified. The urine was almost black. After that I started bleeding vessels in the kidneys. It is the following: after exercise was blood in the urine. And allergies increased. somebody help me, tell me what to do? Saved only by Ketotifenum, other fancy drugs do not help. Except that the Pain helps. The other expensive and hyped -no. Recently I tried some, didn’t help. Help Board. View answer