5 things that destroy your liver, and 5, the protect

5 things that destroy your liver, and 5, the protect


The liver is the main Organ for metabolism and detoxification. The liver suffers the entire body suffers. However, a liver damage often remains unnoticed, because he caused first no complaints. FOCUS Online explains what you should avoid and what helps make it even come so far.

5 things the liver damage

1. Food Supplement with Vitamin A or B3

Anyone who takes vitamin supplements, wants to do his body some Good. However, the means are not always a good food Supplement and should never be used as a substitute for a healthy, balanced diet with fresh food.

Stiftung Warentest has taken in 2017, a variety of preparations under the microscope and warns, among others, those which contain Vitamin A in a particularly high dose. They could lead to liver problems, headaches and skin irritations.

Vitamin B3 (Niacin) could damage the liver. A large study suggests that, at least. Subjects who had taken over a long period of time regularly Vitamin B3, suffered frequent problems with the liver than subjects in the comparison group.

2. High Doses Of Paracetamol

The liver reduces toxins from the body. This is true not only for alcohol but also for drugs. Anyone who takes a particularly common or powerful drugs that can damage his liver. Usually weighing Doctors from Benefit and harm, before they prescribe a medication. Nevertheless, you should not take medication lightly and never for longer or more often than recommended.

Symptoms like upper abdominal pain, you should speak with your doctor. A medication that is damaging in a very high dosage of the liver, for example Paracetamol.

3. Too much fruit

Various studies suggest that fruit sugar, also fructose increases the risk of a fatty liver. Although it is mostly very small studies, or studies in mice, however, experts warn, the impact of fructose on health to under-estimate. While many people of their health for the sake of fat and carbohydrates, care the least on the fructose content of foods. This is 100 grams more fructose Apples as a sugar in 100 Milli-Cola liters.

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4. Overweight

Excess fat can accumulate in the liver. From a so-called fatty liver can develop over time cirrhosis of the liver, when the Organ swells and hardens. This means that Not every liver cirrhosis, heavy alcohol consumption is. Physicians speak in this case of a non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Therefore, pay attention to a healthy body weight.

5. Alcohol

How much alcohol is too much? Here’s the science of ghosts. While some warn particularly against excessive consumption, and do not advise others to drink no alcohol. The German main office for addiction issues, advises men to drink more than two glasses of wine or beer per day (24 grams of alcohol). For women, the liver seems to be more sensitive, is half than the limit value (twelve grams of alcohol).

How do I know the damage a liver?

A disease of the liver take to be Concerned, initially, no. Because cirrhosis of the liver, Hepatitis disease or liver cancer, prepare, initially, no clear pain. It is even more important to avoid habits and foods that the liver damage from the outset.

Suspicious, you should be following symptoms. They may indicate a liver damage:

  • dark brown urine
  • Feeling of pressure in the right upper belly
  • yellow eyeball
  • greenish to brownish Ring around the Iris
  • More to the symptoms of liver damage can be found here.

5 things the liver good for

1. Coffee

Researchers suggest that coffee has a protective effect on the liver. Studies bring the drink with a lower risk for a fatty liver, chronic liver diseases and even liver cancer. Reason for this inflammation may be inhibitory and antioxidant properties of the coffee, as well as the therein contained bioactive Compounds such as caffeine and chlorogenic acid.

2. Drinking enough water

Liquid supports the liver in its work. Because it helps to transport in the body toxins present in the body, where they are degraded. The German society for nutrition recommends 1.5 litres per day. It is best to drink water or unsweetened tea. They contain different than the majority of juices or Soft Drinks, no sugar.

  • How much should you drink every day, you can calculate here.

3. Artichokes

Certain ingredients in artichokes can have a positive effect on the liver. The smaller studies and studies in mice suggest that, at least, in the case where subjects or experimental animals, artichoke leaf extract administered were given. The artichoke contains bitter substances, as well as Cynarin, caffeic acid, and chlorogenic acid may have antioxidant effects. In patients with a fatty liver the extract was able to improve the liver values.

4. Movement

Being overweight is damaging to the liver, because excess fat accumulates on the body. Fat tissue secretes substances that inflammation promote it. With a healthy diet and regular exercise you can help to prevent a fatty liver.

5. Regional Bio-Products

The less harmful substances a food contains, the better it is for the liver. Organic farmers are not allowed to treat their produce with pesticides. Anyone who wants to protect his liver, should therefore primarily to organic goods. Regional products included tend to be less toxic and foreign substances, because you do not have to withstand long transport routes.